Here’s Why Excessive Speed Can Ruin a Successful ERP Implementation

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an effective and increasingly necessary tool for streamlining efficiencies and increasing process manufacturers’ profitability. However, ERP implementations can be tricky, and challenges naturally arise with such a critical, complex, and comprehensive undertaking. Judicious planning can help mitigate the number and severity of these challenges. However, some companies actually manufacture… Read more »

Take Proper Steps for a “No-Surprises” ERP Implementation – Part II

Last week in Part I of our blog, we advised that undertaking an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software implementation for your process manufacturing company needs organization, delegation, decision-making, diplomacy, and attention to the details. We provided eight steps to ensure you achieve a “no-surprises” ERP implementation process. These unwelcome “surprises” would include costly budget overrun,… Read more »

Take Proper Steps for a “No-Surprises” ERP Implementation – Part I

Undertaking an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software implementation is no small task. Your ERP project requires the utmost in organization, delegation, decision-making, diplomacy, and attention to the details. If you don’t have these in place, you risk a project cost overrun, expanded implementation timeline, and less than expected performance from your ERP software. So it… Read more »

The Wait is Over; Here’s Why You Should Decide On ERP Software Now

According to Mint Jutras’ 2014 ERP Solution Study, the average ERP software solution in manufacturing achieves a 100% return on investment (ROI) in about 2.24 years.1. Nevertheless, some process manufacturers offer excuses for not modernizing their operation with an ERP software solution, noting they’re just too busy to undertake the effort, or that they cannot… Read more »

An ERP Software Provider-Partner Outdoes a Reseller During Implementation

Some small- to mid-sized process manufacturers become confused while exploring the feasibility of investing in cost effective, turnkey Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. They could contract with an ERP reseller––sometimes called a “value-added reseller” or VAR. Or they could “partner” with the ERP software’s developer. Our advice is to go with an ERP developer whose… Read more »

Enlist a Savvy ERP Administrator for Your Implementation Team

As a process manufacturer invested in the success of a planned Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software installation, there’s another factor to consider beyond the procurement of the right software and the most qualified ERP software provider-partner––utilizing an ERP Administrator, or enlisting a “champion” for your ERP project. This savvy leader and manufacturing process/technology generalist helps… Read more »

Telltale Signs Signal Time to Invest in ERP Software Solution

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is fast becoming an essential tool in today’s business environment. Here’s a quick Q & A exercise to help you decide whether now is the time to invest in ERP software. Check all challenges that apply to your process manufacturing operation. Are you frustrated with manual systems? Pen and paper, Excel®… Read more »

REALIZING POSITIVE ERP ROI: Manage Your ERP Implementation (Part IV)

Return on Investment (ROI) is a significant consideration when you, as a process manufacturer, invest in a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution. Calculating your projected ROI involves analyzing the numbers. However, in our blog series, “Realizing Positive ERP ROI,” we also discuss procedures and human behaviors that affect ERP ROI. In this final… Read more »


Our four-part series, “Realizing Positive ERP ROI,” explores how your process manufacturing company will reap a positive return on its investment (ROI) in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution if it judiciously follows a four-step approach to success. Whether you’re a first-time buyer of an ERP software solution, or looking to upgrade a legacy… Read more »

REALIZING POSITIVE ERP ROI: Identify Your ERP Stakeholders (Part II)

First-time buyers of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution, or process manufacturers looking to upgrade legacy ERP software, are understandably interested in the return on the investment (ROI). If you represent one of these buyer types, we suggested you determine your ERP requirements in the first part of our four-part series––Realizing Positive ERP ROI…. Read more »