Meet the Team: Network Services

All of us at ProcessPro are dedicated to one thing – helping process manufacturers succeed with our ERP software solution. From the first call with a prospective client, to the clients we’ve served for decades, we’re hard at work ensuring they get the most out of their ERP software. Behind the scenes of our St…. Read more »

Process or Discrete Manufacturing: Finding the Perfect ERP Fit

Take a minute to think about the product(s) your company manufactures. Do you utilize process or discrete production? Do you know the difference? Does it matter? The answers are important when choosing an effective ERP solution for your company. While “one-size-fits-all” vendors claim they can handle both process and discrete manufacturers, further investigation demonstrates that… Read more »

Four Keys to Unlocking Your ERP Implementation Success

The search is over and the contract is signed, so your journey to a new ERP for your process manufacturing company is over, right? While there is excitement regarding the opportunity to learn cutting-edge software, it may be mitigated by the uncertainty of how the transition to a new system will come to fruition. We… Read more »

Let Predictive Analytics Be Your Crystal Ball

Have you been exploring the idea of using predictive analytics to improve your small to medium sized process manufacturing company but haven’t taken the leap? Are you held back by the idea that predictive analytics is only for large businesses? SMB’s are realizing that they can no longer afford to ignore predictive analytics, as it… Read more »

Five Features You’ll Need in Your Process Manufacturing ERP

Do you have the overwhelming task of choosing the right ERP solution for your process manufacturing company from the vast number of providers who claim they are the right fit for you? We recommend these five essential features be included in your checklist to help ensure the investment in an ERP solution will provide the… Read more »

A Partnered Solution: A Win-Win for Your ERP

It’s no secret that in this data driven age there are hindrances for small to mid-sized manufacturers. Most companies are operating off more than just an ERP system or utilizing a multitude of disparate systems to keep pace. The key is for information to be shared across the business through an ERP solution that is… Read more »

Cloud Hosted ERP Delivery: Food for Thought

There are several Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software hosting models available to process manufacturers who are interested in investing their resources to create a more productive, efficient and profitable company. During your ERP search, an option that may be overlooked is hosting the ERP software and your data using cloud hosting. Taking your time and… Read more »

ERP + CRM : A Match Made in Sales Heaven

On paper, it may seem that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software may occupy two completely separate aspects of a business. While salespeople manage and leverage their CRM data in marketing and closing deals, the manufacturing division of the company is utilizing the ERP to streamline processes and capitalize on efficiencies…. Read more »

ProcessPro Predictions for ERP and Process Manufacturing in 2017

It’s easy to deduct that 2016 was a time of uncertainty. One thing was certain, though – the ERP marketplace for process manufacturers is changing. The landscape that was once static is now adjusting and adapting every day, from deployment options to reporting to data availability. Joe Blauert, ProcessPro General Manager, shares his thoughts and… Read more »

ERP Selection: How to Avoid Common Mistakes

An increasing number of companies are turning to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for the functionalities it delivers to streamline manufacturing, improve productivity, create greater efficiency, and stay competitive in their marketplace. A quick Google search also reveals there are a staggering number of ERP implementation failures each year. There is no question, the… Read more »