Invest in ERP for Good Health, Goodwill, and cGMP

If you’re a producer of food and beverages, chemicals, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals or nutraceuticals, it’s imperative your operation is socially responsible. Why? Lose the confidence and goodwill of consumers (and shareholders), and your profitability suffers. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can reduce the probability of shutting down a production line, issuing a recall, or defending… Read more »

Replace an Underachieving Accounting Solution with a Robust ERP – Part 2

Eventually, many maturing process manufacturers outgrow the manual processes and jury-rigged network of simple accounting software with which they began their entrepreneurial journey. As bigger and better enterprises, they’re also smarter about the need for a technology solution to bring their operation to the next level of efficiency, productivity, and profitability. (Does this sound like… Read more »

Replace Your Underachieving Accounting Solution with a Robust ERP – Part I

Growing process manufacturing companies eventually find that conducting business with a hodgepodge of manual accounting procedures and office programs, and utilizing non-specific software just doesn’t work for the company anymore. Our advice is, “Don’t prolong the pain.” Instead, vigorously investigate whether your underachieving accounting processes and software need to be replaced with a robust Enterprise Resource… Read more »

Accounting Software and ERP: Oranges to Apples

There’s a confusion of accounting software options in the marketplace. From Quickbooks™ to a full-blown enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, process manufacturers can be easily stymied in their decision-making. And even though some may use the terminology synonymously, a comparison between accounting software and ERP is really “oranges-to-apples.” In fact, think of this comparison as… Read more »

Manufacturing CFO’s Can Use ERP Tools to Their Advantage

According to the 2013 CFO Pulse Survey by Korn/Ferry Institute, 75.3% of Chief Financial Officers (CFO’s) polled said they were expected to take on more operational responsibility in addition to financial management. They felt uncertainty about these issues: 1) 52% cited revenue growth; 2) 47% noted talent to achieve company goals; and 3) 37.6% said… Read more »

Consider These ABC’s When Discussing ERP for Your Manufacturing Operation

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an essential tool for today’s manufacturer. When discussing this technology investment for your operation, you’ll have many questions. Adding some confusion may be the use of acronyms. So, here are a few key terms you may use during your deliberations––including their acronyms. Automated Warehouse Solution(AWS) Cosmetics, food and beverage, pharmaceutical,… Read more »

Distillery ERP software improves a distiller’s recipe for success

We’re guessing that a distiller’s recipe for success consists of equal parts passion and pride, mixed with modern production methods and profits. If you’re a small- to mid-sized distiller who finds your operation’s deficiencies are negatively affecting your attitude toward the business, maybe it’s time to invest in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. ERP… Read more »

Five reasons to install a new ERP solution in 2015

Each new year brings with it an opportunity for process manufacturers to “do better.” This may include resolutions to increase efficiency and profitability or to smooth out rough areas in the production process and people, or customer, management. Resolving to “do better” can mean focusing on all of these objectives through the installation and implementation… Read more »

Build a better beer business with brewery ERP software

Whether micro- or mid-sized brewer, you probably enjoy formulating great-tasting ales and lagers far more than wrestling with operational and technological challenges that often demand your time, can strain your budget, and may even threaten to suck the life out of your creativity and joy in brewing. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for process manufacturers,… Read more »

Four secrets to hiring a process manufacturing ERP provider standout

No smart batch manufacturer searches for a mediocre Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) company to partner with. So then, why do some companies make painful, costly mistakes? If you’re a process manufacturer looking for an ERP solution, compare what’s out there with a solid set of standards. Your ultimate choice of a process manufacturing ERP provider… Read more »