Employee Engagement Improves Implementation of ERP Solutions

Adopting and implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system takes more than simply choosing an ERP solution and handing it over to your IT department. The use of an ERP will impact how your process manufacturing company operates from order entry through shipping and beyond. It is important that to truly experience a successful integration,… Read more »

The ERP Accounting Process Ties it All Together

Batch processing manufacturers implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to organize their business and improve their bottom line. ProcessPro believes that if a company gets more from their information, they will get more from their business. Accounting is a part of ProcessPro Premier’s core functionality, which consistently tracks activity throughout the manufacturing process and is… Read more »

Choosing the Right Type of ERP Systems

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software assists manufacturers with organizing and streamlining their core business functions. ERP software providers will generally focus on companies in particular industries or with a specific type of processes. For example, ProcessPro focuses on small to midsized companies that use batch process manufacturing to create the end product. “Process manufacturing companies… Read more »

Top Ways to Stay On Budget and On Time During an ERP Implementation

Purchasing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can be an excellent choice for batch process manufacturers. Once implemented, ERP software streamlines the entire manufacturing process from order entry through shipping and delivery. While ERP software certainly makes life easier for many batch manufacturers, it does take a bit of effort to reach full ERP implementation…. Read more »

Organizational Change Management During ERP Implementation

Implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software impacts an entire organization. Following the principles of organizational change management (OCM) will help to make the transition smoother. “OCM is a framework for managing the effect of new business processes, changes in organizational structure or cultural changes within an enterprise.” It takes into account the needs of the… Read more »

Better Results With Brewery ERP Software

Enthusiasts approach brewing beers and ales with the same joy and sense of rigor as winemakers and connoisseurs. From home brewers to multinational corporations, brewing is serious business. It can be complicated and requires many steps that must be done in a specific order, with precise timing. Brewing is also a heavily regulated industry. Legal… Read more »

Managing Information With Chemical ERP Software

Data-driven decision-making is important in the competitive world of batch process manufacturing. Maintaining a strong bottom line requires paying strict attention to every detail and using that detailed information to make decisions. Chemical enterprise resource planning (ERP) software helps manufacturers track data from purchasing raw materials through shipping and delivery. Real-time Data Chemical ERP software… Read more »

What Does ERP Stand For?

The acronym ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. An ERP system is a strategically designed software suite used to organize various company activities including those of process manufacturers. One system is able to manage the business as a whole, in one centralized database, including the manufacturing floor, the warehouse, accounting, customer service, and the executive office…. Read more »

Food and Beverage ERP Software is Simplified by the Power of One

Food and beverage enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suites allow users to track their batch production process from sales through shipping in real time. Such software suites have allowed current food and beverage manufacturers to have an incredible amount of information, control, and support at their fingertips. Manufacturers increase their efficiency by selecting an industry… Read more »

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Defined

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) can be challenging to define, because an ERP is used for many different reasons across a wide range of industries. For our purposes here, we will focus on the basics of what defines an ERP for the process manufacturing industry. In general, an ERP is a software suite that integrates business… Read more »