Gain Control of Product Quality with ERP

It is safe to say that most process manufacturers strive to improve the quality of their products. This includes ensuring the safety of ingredients, fine-tuning batch creation, improving consumer labeling, better handling of harmful waste, and maintaining a healthy manufacturing environment. This pursuit of quality control (QC), and the need to track, document, and report… Read more »

Manage Change Now for a Successful ERP Implementation Later

If failure is not an option, then it’s wise to commit to extensive change management activity before beginning your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software implementation. According to Panorama Consulting Solutions’ 2015 ERP Report, budget overages, bloated timelines, and below-average benefits realization resulted from inadequate attention to change management from the purchase of the software to… Read more »

Software-as-a-Service, Cloud Solutions Rival Traditional Enterprise Resource Planning

There are many enterprise resource planning (ERP) deployment options on the market for process manufacturers. However, it appears that traditional ERP––on-premise and licensed––is giving way to a greater interest in hosted (cloud-based) solutions and software-as-a-service (SaaS), also known as “on demand.” While cloud and on-demand ERP implementations are increasing, it appears that, at least for… Read more »

You Can Salvage a Failing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation

Some process manufacturers’ ERP implementations crash and burn. The reasons for this are as many and as varied as there are companies and ERP software providers. In its 2011 ERP Survey, i2S Research notes reasons that include too tight timelines, lack of sufficient resources in the project team, too much systematic customizing, among others. Fourteen… Read more »

ERP and Lean Manufacturing: Oil & Water?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is fast becoming an essential tool in today’s business environment for small-to-medium-sized manufacturers (SMEs). However, some hesitate to implement ERP because they use Lean manufacturing and believe the two systems aren’t compatible. On the contrary, ERP and Lean can co-exist, and even complement one another, to improve a process manufacturing operation…. Read more »

Why Employees Aren’t Engaging with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The investment in ERP was meant to improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability for the batch process manufacturer. Management appeared gung-ho; employees anticipated positive change. Then, the grumbling began. Staff got frustrated and began working around the new system. Managers pointed fingers at the software provider. Moral and productivity suffered during a plant-wide mutiny. Luckily, this… Read more »

ERP Software Customers Expect Satisfaction

As a process manufacturer in the market for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, you’re prepared to make a sizeable capital investment for the software, a significant commitment in staff hours, and a grace period to get up to speed with the new system. You expect satisfaction. Here’s what “satisfaction” should look like . . …. Read more »

Invest in ERP for Good Health, Goodwill, and cGMP

If you’re a producer of food and beverages, chemicals, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals or nutraceuticals, it’s imperative your operation is socially responsible. Why? Lose the confidence and goodwill of consumers (and shareholders), and your profitability suffers. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can reduce the probability of shutting down a production line, issuing a recall, or defending… Read more »

Replace an Underachieving Accounting Solution with a Robust ERP – Part 2

Eventually, many maturing process manufacturers outgrow the manual processes and jury-rigged network of simple accounting software with which they began their entrepreneurial journey. As bigger and better enterprises, they’re also smarter about the need for a technology solution to bring their operation to the next level of efficiency, productivity, and profitability. (Does this sound like… Read more »