Realizing Positive ERP ROI: Determine Your ERP Requirements (Part I)

If you’re a process manufacturing owner or manager considering an investment in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software––first time buyer or an upgrade––you’re understandably interested in the return on your investment (ROI). We advise the following steps be taken toward realizing positive ROI: 1) determine your ERP requirements, 2) identify your ERP stakeholders, 3) select an… Read more »

Ten Reasons to Look Forward to Client Connect 2015

All of us at ProcessPro are excited as we gear up for Client Connect User Conference 2015 on September 22-24! While our conference is a cost-effective way to gain the tools and knowledge needed to meet the ever-changing demands in today’s highly competitive market, there are many other benefits to attending. Just for starters, we’ll… Read more »

Myth or Reality? Invest in ERP Solely for Functionality

There are many myths circulating in the marketplace regarding Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions. A common fallacy is that functionality is the end all and be all consideration for process manufacturers. This overemphasis on the software’s functionalities overlooks the importance of selecting the right provider. Choose an outstanding ERP software provider, and chances are… Read more »

Myth or Reality? One ERP Software is as Good as Another

A common misconception about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is that one solution is as good as another. This “one-size” approach does a disservice to your process manufacturing business. The system you invest in and the support the ERP vendor provides should be tailored to your batch process manufacturing operation. ERP is a single-source, business… Read more »

Don’t Overlook the Discovery Process and Product Demo in Your Search for an ERP.

If you’ve recently searched the internet for a process manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, you likely felt daunted by sorting through the plethora of software providers. ERP software could be the best investment your company makes this year, with ROI and efficiency returns expected for years and decades to come. Unfortunately, many prospective ERP… Read more »

Myth or Reality? ERP is Too Hard to Learn

Myths abound regarding Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions. One common misconception is that ERP software is too difficult for businesses to learn. We at ProcessPro believe that ERP software is no more difficult to learn than any other new software system implemented on an enterprise-wide basis. However, we also maintain that the system you… Read more »

An Expense or an Investment? Define Your ERP Implementation

The decision to install a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution for your process manufacturing company is a big one. Whether this is your first experience, or a repeat to replace an aged system, the outcome will be affected by the attitude and approach of your staff, from the top tier management and right… Read more »

Best Practices Guide ERP Choice but Intuition Also a Good Indicator

A marketplace comprised of hundreds of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution providers offer a wealth of choices, which can be confusing. If you’re a process manufacturer, you have particular software requirements whose need has been demonstrated time and time again. Do your research, and be open to best practices touted by prospective ERP providers,… Read more »

Discrete and Process Manufacturing ERP Software Are Far From Interchangeable

There’s no substitution. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functionalities are designed for specific purposes, according to the unique needs of the manufacturing operation. Since process and discrete manufacturers differ in procedures and products, it stands to reason their ERP software is not interchangeable. However, some ERP software vendors promise their product will work for both. If… Read more »