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2013 ERP Trends Recap

As year’s end will come quicker than we think, let’s review some of the top trends we’ve seen in ERP systems over this past year. Cloud ERP In the past, ERP software has been implemented as an on-premise solution; the business was required to implement and manage significant investments in both hardware (e.g. servers, networks, etc.) and software…. Read more »

Weekly Webinars Schedule Oct-Nov

Weekly Client-Only Webinars We’d like to welcome back the client-only weekly webinar! Below is a list of our upcoming webinars. For a complete list of upcomming webinares please view our Webinar Schedule. To register, please select the time offering that best fits your schedule and click on the link. ProcessPro software Navigation and Personalization Webinar –… Read more »

SQL Server: The backend of Premier

When you double click an icon to start a program the majority of people have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. This is a good thing. There’s no need to understand the thousands of processes that need to take place to bring up and use your program; it just needs to work…. Read more »

SQL Server Security

Who updated my data? Have you ever wanted to see who updated a piece of information?  Even software with a full audit list of changes made by the system, how can you be certain nothing was done “outside” the system?  Microsoft SQL Server is a backend database that can keep a transactional log of every… Read more »

ProcessPro Software is now on the Blogosphere

Are you interested in improving operational efficiencies while reducing cost and increasing customer satisfaction? We are and we are talking about it. Welcome to the ProcessPro Software Blog. We launched this blog to provide the process manufacturing community a resource to turn to find industry-related information, especially in the following areas:  Industry Best Practices in:\… Read more »