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ProcessPro Premier – Process Manufacturing ERP System

ProcessPro Premier is a robust ERP system with full manufacturing, inventory and financial integration, offering a complete system from beginning sales order entry through the manufacturing and accounting process. Premier incorporates the critical needs of batch processing which includes lot control and management of complex formulas and recipes. The fully integrated quality control eliminates the need to re-enter data and provides immediate and accurate visibility of sales, manufacturing, and inventory for your business. Premier is built on the proven strength of Microsoft Windows, SQL Server and .NET architecture, which provides the additional advantage of Microsoft’s extensive research, development, and testing in every package. Unlike products that rely on proprietary languages and databases, Premier delivers a fully tested standard that is accepted around the world – ensuring reliability, consistency, and a rock solid product future. Core functionality includes:

Manufacturing (BOM)

Process manufacturing is the heart of the production program. It includes formula bills of material (BOMs), packaged BOMs, batch entry BOMs, batch sheet processing, packaged batch ticket processing, private label, custom orders, bills of lading, and more!

Quality Control (QC)

QC is a necessity for most process manufacturers, due to cGMP and other quality regulations. QC is easy to use and has the flexibility needed for in-process and customer-specific testing. Custom Certificates of Analysis can be easily generated and be specific to individual customers.


Premier’s formulation system allows the chemist to create new formulas, observe physical property calculations as the formula is being developed, record manufacturing instructions, set up QC tests, and distinguish costs for labor, material, and overhead all from within one program.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

MRP allows for more efficient and effective use of resources by factoring in all supply, demand, and forecasted requirements of your business to help you plan production, purchasing and available to promise. User friendly Buyer and Planner Wizards greatly simplify the processes.

Advanced Scheduling

Advanced Scheduler makes production scheduling simple, easy to understand, and is exceptionally user-friendly. With batch ticket color coding, and drag and drop features, scheduling is easy to set up, view, and change. Multiple batches can be selected and rescheduled simultaneously and all route steps can be seen within the schedule. Users have access to view or edit the batch tickets directly from the scheduling screen and batches can span multiple days. A Missing Components report can be generated after the schedule is created to confirm the batch tickets that can proceed to production.

Order Entry

Order Entry generates, schedules, and maintains sales orders and sales order backlogs. Invoices are created automatically and linked to Accounts Receivable. Order entry prints pick lists, UPS tags, and a wide variety of sales order analysis reports.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control automatically tracks inventory balances, serial numbers, lots, and product line information. Plus, it prints extensive reports to analyze and control inventory. Features can be selected individually for each item. All balances are updated in real-time for up-to-the-minute, on-screen access.

Physical Inventory

Physical Inventory adds functionality to our base physical inventory system to allow you to perform inventory counts and to recreate inventory transactions that are done during your physical inventory process.

General Ledger

General Ledger provides users advanced general ledger and financial reporting capabilities designed to meet the needs of today’s businesses. Entries can be posted to current, previous, and future periods, and allows them to be locked from posting. Flexible reporting provides comprehensive financial, comparative, and audit trail options.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable creates checks; tracks credits, discounts, partial payments, and recurring obligations; and generates warning notices to help prevent losses, allowing the user to effectively manage business expenses. It includes numerous vendor and payable inquiries, and an extensive library of expense analysis reports.

Purchase Orders

Linked to MRP, purchase orders feature real-time tracking, automatic updating of vendors and inventory account balances, and extensive reporting capabilities. Advanced laser form technology produces high-quality laser printed purchase orders for vendors.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable is a complete billing and accounts receivable system with extensive sales analysis reports. It instantly displays and prints 24-month customer sales and 36-month item sales histories and graphs, and updates customer and inventory records in real-time, providing you with the most current information at all times.