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ProcessPro Premier Optional Functionality

At ProcessPro we develop the most comprehensive ERP solution in the market today for batch process manufacturers. With ProcessPro Premier you can enable additional, higher-level functionality when your business is ready for it. Just like the core functionality of Premier, we take complete responsibility for selling, installing, and supporting these solutions. Contact us today to learn how to get started.

Advanced Analytics

The Advanced Analytics package features a robust data reporting warehouse to enable interactive visualization, reporting and analysis of your data from any device (mobile or PC) anywhere in your business. Graphing, sorting and drilling into your critical business information in any way, combined with easy-to-use, pre-built reports, metrics and KPIs provides an essential tool for analyzing your business. Pre-defined connections and organization of your ProcessPro data also provides the ability to extend analysis to additional pre-built business tools: Forecasting/Predictive Analytics and Big Data.

Business Intelligence Suite (BI)

Using an intuitive interface, the BI Suite provides the ability to retrieve, analyze and share critical information. Simple, drag-and-drop report building allows you to quickly create reports using data in Premier and other data sources. Our interactive dashboard provides direct drill-down to transactions, export of data to Microsoft® Excel, and posting of reports to a secure web portal. The BI Suite supplies you with more accessible and useful data, truly empowering executive management to make better-informed, timelier and smarter business decisions.

Automated Warehouse Solution (AWS)

Automate your inventory transactions utilizing bar codes with AWS. Increase efficiency and improve data accuracy for purchase order receipts, inventory transfers, physical inventory, batch ticket material issues and returns, finished good receipts, pallet tracking and sales order shipments. AWS operates on a radio frequency (RF) backbone, providing real-time inventory transactions.

Dock Scheduling

Dock Scheduling allows you to schedule inbound and outbound shipments across various locations, and create individual daily templates for available time slots. Drag-and-drop sales orders or purchase orders to schedule outbound and inbound shipments. Easily track carriers, booking numbers, seals and other shipping and receiving information.

Research and Development (R&D)

The biggest advantage of our R&D functionality is its ability to allow for product development within the system without interfering with current production. You can leverage existing cost history while quickly adding new items for R&D purposes only, and all the while easily converting R&D items into a “live” company.

Nutritional Labeling

Nutritional Labeling includes nutritional data seamlessly integrated for nutrient analysis, label creation and ingredient and allergen statements production. Leverage the power of this information for your recipes and formulas, while eliminating duplicate entry, manual analysis and errors in nutritional statements.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With CRM you can quickly analyze, manage and synchronize sales, marketing and customer care activities across all points of contact, giving your team the tools they need to find new customers, close sales faster and build lasting, more profitable relationships across all channels. A powerful workflow engine helps CRM deliver better business process automation, making your organization more effective and efficient.

FDA Validation & Compliance

ProcessPro gives you a head start in your SOP validation process. This includes test scripts for Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ). Also, Premier provides features supporting FDA Compliance including security trails and electronic signature options to help organizations become compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures Final Rule. 

UPS Link

The UPS link allows you to send shipping information to the UPS shipping system, and returns freight costs and tracking numbers. With a click of a button customer service can then go to UPS’s website and track the customer’s shipments.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI is quickly becoming a requirement in many industries and can provide significant efficiencies integrating key business transactions. ProcessPro seamlessly imports and exports your key EDI transactions to your chosen EDI software.


Payroll needs vary from business to business, and ProcessPro can seamlessly link to your chosen payroll system or service provider. We can provide a comprehensive, cost effective, in-house payroll system should you be looking to change yours. The system allows for an unlimited number of payrolls without conflict and offers the ability to process void and on-demand checks. Paying employees has never been so cost-effective, convenient and most importantly, accurate.

Human Resources (HR)

Human Resources helps manage the difficult and cumbersome task of HR record keeping and government reporting. Extensive employee information is readily available and the system offers numerous reporting options such as EEO, COBRA, OSHA, Workers Compensation and more.

Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance tracks employee attendance more accurately and allows companies to effectively manage their workforce. Business rules, such as employee schedules, grace periods and overtime rules, can be defined at the company, organization and/or employee level.

Parcel Manifesting/Rate Shopping

If your business needs a parcel manifesting system that provides freight rates for individual parcel carriers, or if you want to easily shop rates across multiple carries we can provide functionality for you. Options include UPS, FedEx, DHL and the US Postal Service.

Quality Management

Quality Management is a complete tool set that allows you to measure, cost and trend your internal, customer and supplier quality activities. It provides built-in quality methodologies, advanced user workflow and eliminates all your manual forms, log files, spreadsheets and redundant data-entry. Key functions include: non-conformances, corrective/preventative actions, tooling and equipment, document control, customer service, key indicators/dashboards, trend analysis and requests.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Authoring

With the replacement of MSDS standards for hazardous materials, we provide a continually up-to-date, global, user-friendly and fully compliant SDS authoring and distribution platform. Benefits include: document generation in over 30 languages, document templates fully compliant with international standards, GHS substance, preparation classification and DOT transport calculators.

Additional Accounting Functionality

Fixed Assets: ProcessPro’s fixed asset solution provides comprehensive asset management functionality and  organizes fixed asset data in an easy-to-use spreadsheet format, performs complex depreciation calculations quickly and easily, and generates accurate and comprehensive reports.

Multicurrency: Multicurrency provides a comprehensive means for maintaining various global currencies and exchange rates in your accounting system. Transactions are translated from currencies and exchange rates the user defines. Multicurrency tracks foreign currency trading partners and handles all the transactions and reporting.

EFT/ACH: EFT/ACH generates electronic funds transfers from within Premier as an alternative to a paper check.

Credit Card Processing: A PCI compliant solution for processing credit card transactions from your customers. Seamlessly integrated to Premier’s Sales Order functions and the credit card processing functionality removes any duplicate entries and quickly processes transitions while keeping customer card numbers and other personal information secure.

Project Accounting: Project Accounting allows you to budget and track costs to a specific project or capital expenditure. Cost and revenue is captured from other modules at a transaction level; and project status and profitability reports can be automatically generated.