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Chemical Manufacturers, Are You Prepared for a Recall?


The chemical manufacturing industry is highly regulated due to the potential impact that products have on the environment and possible volatile effects component materials or combinations can produce. Therefore, the effects of a recall can be particularly detrimental and it is imperative for companies to effectively handle and, if possible, prevent recalls from happening in the first place. Industry-specific chemical ERP software helps manufacturers in the preparation and mitigation of product recalls.

What is a recall and what are its effects?

A recall is defined as the request to return a batch or entire run of product to the manufacturer that has been determined to have a safety issue. A variety of reasons can initiate product recalls including contamination, mislabeling, defective products, and incorrect potency. Thousands of products are recalled each year causing various issues for manufacturers including financial and legal costs and effects on a company’s reputation.

How ERP Can Help

An integrated ERP software system serves as a tracking tool with end-to-end recall management functionality that incorporates industry regulations and strict forward and backward lot traceability. Detailed record-keeping that includes purchase orders, bills of lading, batch tickets, labels, certificates of analysis (CofA’s), and shipping documents can be accessed quickly and efficiently to meet the legislated 24-hours to complete a recall. The following features of chemical manufacturing software are particularly helpful with recall procedures:

Warehouse Management System (WMS) As an extension of an ERP solution, a WMS monitors and automates inventory transactions with barcode scanning to provide traceability and recording of inventory movements, lot numbers, storage locations, and on-hand balances – maintaining detailed inventory information within the solution. In the case of a product recall, raw materials and ingredients, work-in-progress (WIP), and finished goods are easily located within the inventory tracking system.

Mock Recalls With a written recall plan and an integrated ERP system solution, mock recalls are handled easily. These are simulated exercises designed to improve a company’s recall procedures by locating 100% of products within a designated time period, notify necessary parties in the least amount of time, and enable employees to familiarize themselves with the procedures involved during a recall. When successful, all contaminated products will be identified and clients, vendors, and government agencies will be notified quickly. Each mock recall conducted should include an evaluation of the exercise to identify mistakes and deficiencies to adjust manufacturing processes and the recall plan as needed.

Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS)/Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Authoring Integrated within an ERP system solution is authoring and labeling functionality to provide comprehensive and accurate information in the documentation for every shipment. These detailed records and labels aid in the tracking of recalled products once they are shipped out of a facility.

With consumers and regulators watchful eye over chemical manufacturers and their products, companies need ERP system software to enable them to efficiently handle their recall needs. ProcessPro has worked with chemical and specialty chemical manufacturers for over 30 years and would be happy to give you a personalized demonstration of our industry-specific solution. Contact us today.

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