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Cloud Hosted ERP Delivery: Food for Thought


There are several Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software hosting models available to process manufacturers who are interested in investing their resources to create a more productive, efficient and profitable company. During your ERP search, an option that may be overlooked is hosting the ERP software and your data using cloud hosting. Taking your time and investigating the advantages and opportunities of the various ERP deployment methods means you will find the solution that best meets the needs of your unique company.

What is a Cloud Hosted ERP?

This particular delivery method features web-enabled software installed on remote Microsoft Azure servers that are managed by an ERP vendor. Users are able to access the ERP software through their Internet access. This solution offers the advantage of renting rather than maintaining servers, customization of ERP software, and administrative control over company data.

Advantages of Cloud Hosted vs On-Premises ERP

A Microsoft Azure Hosted ERP advantages over an On-Premises solution can provide your company with significant savings in time, money, and effort. Scalability is no longer a problem as capacity is not limited to a company’s in-house servers. Growth is easily managed as needed without added cost or delays. Security and backup of important information, as well as data redundancy, are managed by the vendor. This provides a huge benefit by allowing you to use precious company resources in other areas.

One of the distinct advantages of Cloud Hosted is the decreased need for IT resources in the areas of personnel and infrastructure. While your IT Department still keeps control over company information, there is a marked decrease in the cost for security and equipment.

Advantages of Cloud Hosted vs SaaS ERP

While the SaaS subscription model offers turnkey convenience for companies lacking administrative resources, some companies enjoy the increased control that a Cloud Hosted ERP environment offers.  While SaaS offers lower upfront infrastructure costs, be sure to evaluate the long-term costs in relation to the Cloud or On-Premises platforms for your company.

Microsoft Azure for your Cloud Hosted ERP is a Great Option for your Company

Microsoft’s investment of billions of dollars into building a shared public cloud infrastructure has made it an invaluable provider of cloud services. It has received recognition as being the most trusted cloud for US government institutions which offers assurance that the security needs of your company are being met. In addition, there are a large number of regional data centers worldwide that allow quicker response times which saves your company valuable time.

We at ProcessPro know how important it is to evaluate your needs and find the right ERP software solution and deployment method for your process manufacturing business. We’ve partnered with Microsoft Azure to offer a Cloud Hosted ERP solution. We also offer traditional On-Premises installations as well as SaaS options, each with its own pros and cons. Contact us to make the right deployment decision based upon your specific size, functionality needs, and project budget.

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