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ERP + CRM : A Match Made in Sales Heaven


On paper, it may seem that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software may occupy two completely separate aspects of a business. While salespeople manage and leverage their CRM data in marketing and closing deals, the manufacturing division of the company is utilizing the ERP to streamline processes and capitalize on efficiencies.  When it’s time to move from your legacy ERP software and evaluate your available options, make sure to look toward an ERP system with integrated CRM software, rather than disparate programs. There are many efficiencies to be found when CRM and ERP are integrated.

So what are the advantages to merging the roles of CRM (such as sales, marketing integration, contact management, and customer service) and ERP (accounting, inventory management, production, and business intelligence)? Imagine the following scenarios in your process manufacturing company and the benefits you could be realizing.

Easier, more complete sales order processes

Envision that your salespeople know exactly what finished goods are in stock and available to purchase at all times. Not only does that make the sales process easier, it builds confidence in customers when you can deliver what is promised. That kind of information is possible with CRM integration, and the data is available in real-time; either found directly in the software or in easy to run reports.

Rich customer data from sales office to the shop floor

When your ERP system works directly with your CRM software, customer data becomes enriched with information such as supply chain management details, purchase history, billing and shipping details, accounting information, and financial profiles. Whether in sales, management, or right on the manufacturing floor, every stakeholder can gain access to critical client information to help provide superior customer service and fulfill their job function.

Customer service becomes faster, more complete

Let’s say a customer calls to check on an order status. Would you rather A) pull up their complete order information quickly in your CRM screen and supply the information to the customer in seconds, or B) put the customer on hold and call the warehouse, hoping that they’ll pick up and have the information you need? With CRM and ERP integration, option A becomes a reality. As a result, customers are happier and everyone gets back to their work more quickly.

The process of integrating CRM and ERP combines the customer, manufacturing, and inventory data you already have, and makes it into a powerful, easy-to-use tool for all departments. Choosing the right partner, such as ProcessPro, can help you make better use of the resources in your company with industry-specific process manufacturing expertise. We’ve helped many companies just like yours tie critical data into a complete package, and we can do the same for you. Contact us now to start the discussion of the benefits you’ll receive when integrating CRM with the ProcessPro ERP solution.

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