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ERP + R&D = A Research & Development Manager’s Equivalent to PB & J


As a research and development manager for a process manufacturing company, your department attracts employees with creative and unrestricted minds who need the freedom and leeway to foster experimentation and develop new innovations and products. In your leadership role, you are tasked with the challenge of supporting these individuals and at the same time directing and documenting the process and product development to maximize success for your company. While this may seem like an overwhelming task, an industry-specific ERP solution is the right recipe to develop innovative products and generate increased revenue.

Manage Formulas & Recipes

Since you utilize complex recipes and formulas daily, it is important that the ERP solution provides storage for these formulas, allows new recipe/formula testing, includes quality control monitoring and facilitates BOM revision control. Scaling ability based on raw material data stored in the ERP is also required and handled readily by the fully integrated system. Searching historical formulations is another necessity that will eliminate the need for your company to “reinvent the wheel,” as well as preserve recipe integrity when your production department switches from one recipe to another. This is very useful for co pack manufacturers who need to keep track of the different recipe variations for their customers. An ERP solution with a built in R&D application allows for documentation of the production processes and testing notes to ensure consistency in the manufacturing process and quality products. In addition, they provide the reporting capabilities not only necessary for regulatory compliance but also allow real-time data throughout the organization to foster analyzation and make important business decisions. An ERP solution developed for batch manufacturers that address formulation helps meet your strategic needs for research and development.

R&D’s Sandbox Environment

The biggest advantage of R&D functionality within the ERP is the ability to engage in product testing and development without interfering with your current production. In a sandbox environment, ERP functionality allows the leveraging of existing cost history and new product/process testing without affecting your company’s live production, saving you valuable time and money by eliminating the need to halt production for research and development. This allows your R&D staff to create and pilot new formulas and explore improvement of processes to meet your end goals of increasing yields, saving money and improving efficiency. When you are ready for a new recipe to convert to a live production environment, it’s easy to flow into your live data without manually rekeying information. Your job in the research and development department is more efficient and streamlined with the ERP’s tools at your disposal.

As a research and development manager, your role is vital as you initiate the exploration of new processes and technologies to improve manufacturing efficiencies, reduce costs and develop new procedures and products for your manufacturing company.  Let ProcessPro show you how our ERP solution with R&D goes together like PB & J.  Contact us today to start your ERP journey with a personalized software demo.

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