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Five Features You’ll Need in Your Process Manufacturing ERP


Do you have the overwhelming task of choosing the right ERP solution for your process manufacturing company from the vast number of providers who claim they are the right fit for you? We recommend these five essential features be included in your checklist to help ensure the investment in an ERP solution will provide the “must-have” and industry-specific functionality that your company needs.

  1. Lot Tracking and Traceability

    In your highly regulated industry, lot tracking and traceability should be your number one priority. An ERP solution developed for process manufacturers provides automated end to end lot traceability from raw materials to the finished product, allowing your company to respond to potential problems or initiate product recalls as soon as possible – thus, saving you time and possible negative consequences. In addition, this real-time tracking allows for better planning, costing, simplified audits and margin analysis for your company

  2. Mixed Units of Measure

    It is likely that you purchase ingredients in kilograms, stock the item in pounds and count them by the case. The ERP software solution you choose must be able to deftly handle these types of conversions throughout the process of purchasing materials, manufacturing the product, maintaining inventory, managing orders and shipping. The ability to calculate inventory in terms of units of measurement in various stages of production improves performance, customer service, reporting and accountability.

  3. Recipe Formulation/Revision Control

    With the complex nature of formulas and recipes, your ERP solution needs to allow the creation of new formulations, observation of recipe development, manufacturing instructions documentation and quality control test provisions. Batch process manufacturers require a recipe formulation function to decrease time spent on tedious calculations and costly errors. Industry specific ERP solutions make it easy to manage multiple versions of formulas and recipes, as well as keep track of changes.

  4. Co-Product & By-Product Management

    It’s likely you’re dealing with co-products and by-products, as both have the potential to provide significant financial impact to your company and must be accounted for and managed in the ERP solution. It is required to have an accurate account of by-products and co-products, including on-hand quantities, location and proper documentation on the formulations. An ERP system that does not take either of these in account will not enable you to get a full financial picture of your company’s manufacturing process.

  5. Shelf-life

    Due to the nature of process manufacturing, you are aware of the constant concern of a product’s shelf-life. As raw ingredients and products become unusable after a certain length of time, it is necessary to have built-in, ready to go functionalities within your ERP solution that creates alerts when materials are nearing or past their expiration date. An ERP solution that addresses this concern will assist your company in meeting consumer safety standards and staying compliant with industry regulations.

An Industry-Specific ERP Solution

There are a variety of features to consider when searching for an ERP solution that meets your industry-specific needs. As a process manufacturer, we recommend these five essential functions be included in your search criteria. Taking these into consideration during your ERP search will enable you to find a solution that meets YOUR unique industry needs.

ProcessPro designs, develops and sells ERP for process manufacturers. Our commitment to industry best practices and our ability to work with clients to help them get the most from their ERP software solution have resulted in many success stories and enhanced our client relationships for over 30 years.

Contact us today and discover how ProcessPro’s ERP solution can help your business run more efficiently and grow more profitable.

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