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Get to Know Global: Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and Field Service


Our “Get to Know Global” blog series explores extended features of ProcessPro Global, the next generation of process manufacturing software. The topics covered in this post includes the expanded inventory and distribution functions of the solution, DSD and Field Service. Both of these provide the necessary “on the road” features for the mobile landscape necessary in today’s marketplace.

What is Global?

ProcessPro Global is built on leading-edge Microsoft technologies, designed for flexibility, ease-of-use and scalability to meet the unique requirements of process manufacturers and distributors. Powered by the Global Adaptable ERP platform, this solution offers a comprehensive set of applications, while at the same time offering seamless incorporation of future updates. Global is designed for multi-language, multi-currency, multi-company and multi-industry by leveraging broad functional capabilities.

What are DSD and Field Service?

While both are mobile enterprise solutions, each is a unique aspect of an integrated system to unify your company’s resources and workforce. DSD extends the Point of Sale (POS) functionality to mobilize route sales and delivery teams for order entry, invoicing and payment transactions “on the road.” Field Service coordinates service tasks that take place in the field, either by off-site deployment or performance of the job at the customer’s location. Both of these mobile features provide a vital link between the manufacturing facility and the retail location.

How Does ProcessPro Global Handle DSD and Field Service?

DSD and Field Service help improve your resource management, scheduling and allocation with management reports and information analysis. With user-friendly interfaces, these functions offer real-time visibility of sales order and inventory data to integrate and streamline processes in the field. These features enable the tracking of mobile employees who are selling goods and providing services to customers.

DSD has the following features and benefits:

  • Ability to create and edit orders, invoice and accept payment offsite
  • Inventory management functionality
  • Minimizes the number of days in the supply chain

Field Service offers the following features:

  • Automated scheduling and invoicing
  • Performance invoicing for service tasks
  • Reporting functionality for services performed

Employees in the field are the key to your company’s success, as they are face to face with customers every day. Providing them the mobile tools they need to succeed ensures they have the correct resources and data to be the frontline representatives of your company.  The robust set of features offered in ProcessPro Global, including DSD and Field Service, provide manufacturers a reliable and scalable solution to support a multitude of business types and industries. Contact us today for a personalized demonstration of these features and other core functionalities available from ProcessPro’s suite of next generation of business management software.  

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