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Get to Know Global: Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) & Kitting


In our “Get to Know Global” blog series, we offer additional insights into the features available in the recent release of ProcessPro Global, the next generation of batch process manufacturing ERP software. We continue the series by delving deeper into the expanded inventory and distribution functionality vital to the industry. Specifically, we will discuss the extended features of DRP and Kitting as important components of optimizing your company’s inventory.

What is Global?

ProcessPro Global is built on leading-edge Microsoft technologies, designed for flexibility, ease-of-use and scalability to meet the unique requirements of manufacturers and distributors. Powered by the Global Adaptable ERP platform, this solution offers a comprehensive set of applications, while at the same time offering seamless incorporation of future updates. Global is designed for multi-language, multi-currency, multi-company and multi-industry by leveraging broad functional capabilities.

What are DRP and Kitting?

DRP is a solution that seeks to minimize inventory, while at the same time providing high order fulfillment for customers – through optimizing purchasing decisions by reducing costs and minimizing shortages. DRP allows for more efficient and effective use of resources by factoring in supply and demand to help companies plan inventory and purchasing decisions.

Kitted items are collections of pre-defined and related groups of products that are combined, priced and sold as a single unit or kit. These may be commonly bundled items, special promotional materials or components combined to optimize inventory. A kitting solution allows the items to be ordered, sold and shipped as a pre-defined group of products in the sales process.

How Does ProcessPro Global Handle DRP and Kitting?

DRP utilizes user-friendly buyer and planner wizards to integrate POS data, current inventory, forecasted demand, historical sales/trends, seasonality, safety stock numbers and supplier lead times to optimize purchasing decisions. This feature enables you to determine when inventory is likely to be depleted and make accurate and timely purchases to plan stock replenishment and avoid shortages. DRP features include:

  • Flexible reporting formats: bucketless and standard reporting based on daily, weekly or monthly summaries
  • Integrated inquiry functionality with grid, graphical and detail drill-down capabilities
  • Ability to create automatic purchase order generation
  • Optional interface with the BOM/Kitting application

Global allows you to enter kits for use and explosion into individual components on Sales Orders, as well as enter a kit item on a Sales Order to view kit details. Kitted items are combined and assembled, creating both a Bill of Materials (BOM) and added labor cost calculations as well. These functions allow for easy control, accountability and streamlining of your business for kit items and their components. Kitting features include:

  • Adding defined kits to Sales Orders and edit as needed for individual transactions
  • Ability to change kit components for selected items using global replacement function
  • Unique inventory numbers which include an unlimited number of components, each with its own item number
  • Accurate kit pricing, with individual component costs being tracked separately

Much of the success of your manufacturing and distribution business depends on the ability to supply existing customers and attract new customers with the right products at the right time for the right price. ProcessPro Global provides the tools and functionality to manufacture and distribute the right materials at the right time in your process. Improve inventory accuracy, save valuable time and keep your customers satisfied with an industry-specific ERP solution. Contact us today to schedule a personalized software demonstration of these tools and other functionalities available in the Global solution.

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