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How Seed-to-Sale Software and Cannabis ERP Compare


In light of numerous states legalizing both recreational and medical marijuana, established licensed cannabis operations are seeking out business management solutions to address the needs of this unique industry. When investigating available software options, you’ve undoubtedly run across the terms: seed-to-sale software and cannabis ERP. While these two terms are often used interchangeably, there are imperative differences in the features and capacity each type of technology can offer. Understanding the functionality and how the systems can integrate will strengthen your software selection process and decision.

Seed-to-Sale Software

As the name describes, seed-to-sale tracking software provides growers, manufacturers and dispensaries with traceability for cannabis products throughout the entire product lifecycle from seedling to the customer. Specifically, these software systems are meant to track the movement of plants and products only, ensuring that there is traceability and inventory control for compliance with governing bodies, as well as security processes in place within the operation. Tracking is typically done using barcodes/labels, plant identifiers, biometric scanning or other monitoring technology to provide constant oversight and real-time access to information. Cannabis seed-to-sale software meets regulatory requirements that mandate location tracking of cannabis products, including waste materials, to ensure that appropriate tax revenue is collected under local jurisdiction regulations.

Cannabis ERP

On the contrary, ERP solutions provide the integration of all business applications with real-time visibility to efficiently manage, streamline and automate processes. Critical business functions such as cultivation, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, costing, sales, financials, packaging and labeling, reporting and analytics are available in a complete ERP solution to provide visibility and accountability for the entire organization. Regulatory compliance, recipe and formula management and R&D functionality provide the ability to adapt to the evolving industry - while being able to scale with the growth of your business. With a comprehensive, single-source of business data, cannabis operations are able to streamline processes, maintain regulatory compliance, provide traceability and produce timely reports as needed.

How to Choose

There is a sweet spot; established cannabis ERP providers offer an integrated cultivation management solution with seed-to-sale traceability in their suite of offerings. This functionality is more robust than a seed-to-sale tracking software, with its ability to track greenhouse operations, individual plants and the plant growth stages, optimize growing conditions to increase yields, facilitate quality control testing and maintain recipes to deliver true propagation to harvest capabilities. In addition, cannabis ERP provides a cost analysis of growing, harvesting, manufacturing and packaging, whereas seed-to-sale systems are designed to track product movement only. This limits the company’s ability to perform a profitability analysis and track costs throughout the cultivation and manufacturing process. While both solutions integrate with state-approved regulation systems like Metrc, BIOTRACKTHC and Leaf Data Systems, cannabis ERP moves beyond compliance to provide end-to-end business functionality. An industry-specific ERP solution also offers functionality for product recalls and auditing. When reviewing software options, it is important to weigh the differences, benefits and costs associated with each option, as well as the requirements of your cannabis operations now and into the future.

ProcessPro’s marijuana ERP solution provides a complete business management system with the necessary tools for success in the cannabis industry. With over 30 years of experience and ERP implementation expertise the highly regulated industries of food and beverage, chemical, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic, we are able to provide software functionality developed for your industry. Let us provide a personalized demonstration of how we can help you integrate your cannabis operations. Contact us today.

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