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L.D. Davis Industries, Inc: Holding it Together with ERP


Their Story: Building Life Long Bonds

As the premier and largest protein adhesive compounder and one of the top glue suppliers in the country, L.D. Davis has lived up to its mission to “build life long bonds” with customers, vendors and employees since its foundation in 1926. Their industry-leading, innovative and eco-friendly formulations provide high-quality products designed to provide a competitive edge for their customers. L.D. Davis strives to meet client needs through manufacturing the best quality of protein, hot melt and water-based glues, as well as developing and producing custom formulations.

Company Challenges: Sticking Points

With disparate software systems and manual, time-consuming procedures, L.D. Davis was in need of an integrated ERP solution. As producers of made-to-order products, there was a pressing urgency for accurate and timely product formulation tracking to provide traceability to their customers. The company also has unique purchasing circumstances in which they occasionally bid on distressed materials and required a software system that compared the use of regular and distressed raw materials. Lastly, they desired an ERP solution to provide real-time insight into their data and unify departments providing visibility among all stakeholders.

ERP Selection: A Bonding Partnership

“A lot of time and effort went into choosing the best software for our company,” says Maria Verros, Online Marketing Manager for L.D. Davis. The “best software” identified during their selection process was ProcessPro’s industry-specific ERP solution that unified their manufacturing operations, as well as their geographical locations. They were pleased during the implementation and go-live with a dedicated Implementation Specialist that assisted throughout the entire process, including onsite training and customization, providing the support they desired. ProcessPro’s long-established success in batch process manufacturing enabled L.D. Davis to find a true business partner to support their company well into the future.

Results: Streamlined Processes, Real-time Information, Improved Communication, Accurate Product Costing and Formulation

As a result of implementing ProcessPro’s ERP solution, Halee Ellis, L.D. Davis Office Manager says “Our ERP has changed our Standard Operating Procedures in every department for the better. Procedures have been streamlined through the manufacturing process from Order Entry, all of the way through to the shipping process. It has provided us better accessibility, cross training, communication and real-time view of supply and demand.” L.D. Davis has experienced improved communication by being able to to provide their valued customers and vendors accurate and personalized data at the touch of a button.

The costing functionality within the ERP software handles the company’s need for comparison between normal raw materials and distressed options, with ease. In addition, the core functionality of formula management, lot traceability and revision tracking helps to ensure consistency in their finished products allowing them to take into account mixed units of measure, specific formula instructions, ingredient parameters and set up testing specifications for quality control.

At ProcessPro, we have over 30 years experience working with a wide variety of process manufacturers in the chemical industry that includes specialty chemicals, polymers, plastics, resins, lubricants, adhesives, inks and paints and more. Contact us to schedule a personalized demonstration of the ERP solution that enables your company to establish a formula management system and provide reliable lot tracking to run your business more efficiently and profitably.

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