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Meet the Team: Implementation Services


All of us at ProcessPro are dedicated to one thing – helping batch process manufacturers succeed with our ERP software solution. From the first call with a prospective client, to the clients we’ve served for decades, we’re hard at work ensuring they get the most out of their ERP software. Behind the scenes of our St. Cloud, MN headquarters you’ll find departments that are passionate about our clients, fellow employees, and the product that brings them together. We love what we do and we want you to know it. And we’d like to introduce ourselves.

It’s time to meet the ProcessPro Implementation Services Team. These individuals  lead clients through the implementation (8 Tips for Your Successful ERP Implementation) of their new or upgraded ProcessPro ERP software. Whether they are on the road or conducting remote training sessions, their knowledge, enthusiasm, and assistance are truly valued by everyone they work with.

Say hello to Implementation Services.

Please introduce yourselves.

Implementation Services

Explain the role of the Implementation Services department.

Our role is to ensure the implementation projects we undertake are completed on time and on budget in a way that is as minimally invasive to the client’s ongoing operations as possible. We strive to apply industry knowledge and best practices to every situation we encounter in an effort to develop the most harmonious union of system and processes. The team has also developed and continues to enhance ProcessPro’s comprehensive software implementation methodology, “Technology Implementation Plan”, or TIP.  TIP provides a framework for implementations and upgrade projects, including project planning, control tools and templates, data conversion tips and techniques, recommended practices, procedures for significant project milestones, and physical inventory preparation, along with many others.

We are responsible for understanding our clients’ particular business methods and expectations from our software and doing the work necessary to configure the system, review and revise standard practices, and train users to get the most from ProcessPro. To that end, building lasting and constructive relationships is of the utmost importance and a value we strive for every day.

“Our role is to educate, implement, and inspire. (But not always in that order!)” 

What does a typical day look like for a member of this team?

  • Typical days are few and far between for the Implementation Team – we could be on the road to a client site, conducting remote training sessions, designing custom software modifications, diagnosing and troubleshooting issues remotely, continuing our own education and professional development, or developing documentation and training materials, or sometimes all of the above and more. The most typical outcome at the end of the day for members of our Team is that we have learned something new.

What do you feel is the best way to describe the implementation experience at ProcessPro

  • Any ERP implementation takes dedication and cooperation from everyone involved. In a word, the implementation experience can be intense. However, the opportunities everyone involved has along the way to learn about their own business and make long-term improvements in the processes they use make it interesting and valuable. In the end, the challenges of a successful implementation can strengthen the relationships between different people across departments as they work together toward the common goal.

What qualities do you think hold the department together?

  • Our broad range of backgrounds and professional and educational experiences means we see challenges from different perspectives, and can support one another within various areas of expertise. Although most clients only work directly with one or two consultants team members during the implementation process, our enthusiasm to solve problems is not limited by this fact. We all communicate ideas and discuss problems to come up with the best resolutions.

“We all share a creative approach to problem solving and a commitment to excellence,” 

When you work with ProcessPro, you’ll have access to the knowledgeable Implementation Team to guide you through the exciting journey on your new ERP software! With over 56 combined years of experience in process manufacturing and ERP they are sure to be a valuable resource to your operation. Ready to discover what ProcessPro ERP can do for you?

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks to meet another team at ProcessPro!

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