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ProcessPro Predictions for ERP and Process Manufacturing in 2017


It’s easy to deduct that 2016 was a time of uncertainty. One thing was certain, though – the ERP marketplace for process manufacturers is changing. The landscape that was once static is now adjusting and adapting every day, from deployment options to reporting to data availability. Joe Blauert, ProcessPro General Manager, shares his thoughts and predictions of what is to come this year in the ERP arena.

  1.       The Presidential election’s impact

Many companies delayed business and purchasing decisions in 2016 due to the uncertainty surrounding the presidential election. And while the specific actions of the President might not be as predictable as most businesses prefer, the general sense that the next four years will be pro-business and anti-regulation will provide the impetus for many companies to act on their imminent need for a new ERP solution.

  1.      Tried and true deployment

Despite increasing acceptance of manufacturers with SaaS and cloud-based solutions in 2016, traditionally deployed, on-premises ERP systems will still be the go-to choice for batch process manufacturers. This is due to the primarily very limited capabilities of most SaaS solutions as they relate to the formula-based and highly regulated industries.

  1.     Analytics no longer a luxury

Leveraging the use of big data for predictive analytics and other competitive advantages will no longer just be for large companies. The emergence of affordable solutions geared toward the middle market and tightly integrated into the massive amount of data generated by vertically specific ERPs will make this a requirement for most new ERP solutions sold in 2017.

  1.       Industry Specific Solutions

In a marketplace filled with thousands of ERP solutions, there is a trending increase in the selection of industry-specific ERP solutions. Manufacturers demand targeted functionality, shorter implementation times and a quicker return-on-investment (ROI), which can be achieved when the ERP solution is designed and developed for their industry.

  1.    Mobility: Big Data and Analytics

Mobile access to data will be the standard in 2017, not the exception. This is due to the growing trend of BYOD (bring your own device) and Big Data over the past 10 years that spiked the tendency for employees to work off-premise with smart devices and Internet technology, increasing demand for more flexible reporting and analytics software. This year, make sure your data is working for you in the palm of your hand, not the other way around.

ProcessPro is a mid-market ERP software solution provider to the process manufacturing industry. We have the experience and insight of process manufacturing experts who understand the unique needs of your industry, from lot tracking and formulation management to regulatory compliance.

Contact ProcessPro to discuss how we can help your company understand and embrace these trends with an ERP solution tailored to process manufacturers. A dedicated member of our business development team will assist you in determining your ERP and analytics needs, evaluating deployment methods and educate on a tried and true selection process. Or join us for a one-hour, no-obligation webinar on our software solutions.

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