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Top Technology Tools Manufacturers in the Cannabis Industry Should be Using


The cannabis industry is ever-changing due to expanding legalization as well as continually evolving trends in the recreational and medicinal marijuana marketplace - making staying abreast of changes a daunting task for any business. In addition, with the cost of non-compliance to legal regulations extremely high, companies have sought cost-effective technology solutions to maintain compliance. As a result, cannabis manufacturers have embraced ERP software solutions and the functionalities they provide to keep up with the industry’s many demands.

Comprehensive cannabis ERP software streamlines processes and automates operations with the real-time capabilities necessary to make informed business decisions. An ERP system solution integrates the primary business functions for growers and manufacturers – including full manufacturing, production, inventory, quality, sales, finance, distribution and reporting. Companies can adapt to a rapidly changing business climate with a flexible, secure and scalable ERP solution developed for their industry with these top 3 tools:

  1. Seed to Sale Traceability

    A cannabis ERP solution handles the complexities of regulatory compliance – monitoring, tracking and recording data that occurs in multiple locations, jurisdictions or intra-industry verticals. The software automates tracking and report generation for multiple sets of compliance guidelines, as well as manages regulatory changes as necessary. Integration with state regulatory systems such as METRC, BIOTRACK THC, Leaf Data Systems or other compliance software systems is facilitated as required. The entire supply chain is tracked with seed to sale software that maintains full audit trails of plant inventories to monitor movement, costs and quality checks – providing product recall capability.

  2. Cultivation Management (CMS)

    In order to optimize greenhouse operations, cultivation management provides an integrated plant management solution with forward and backward traceability - using serial and plant IDs to track a cannabis strain from seedling through the final product. This enables the monitoring of plant attributes to establish quality control, as well as determine optimal growing conditions. Detailed information gathered within the solution helps to increase yields, lower costs and increase profits.

  3. Reporting & Analytics

    Cannabis software helps capture, report and utilize information about the company to make data-driven business decisions – including diversifying products, marketing and operations. Insights and forecasts provided help companies assess sales and inventory, evaluate operational efficiencies and explore retail opportunities to make strategic decisions to determine what will be most cost-effective and profitable for the organization.

ProcessPro’s more than 30 years of experience developing process manufacturing ERP solutions for regulated industries provides valuable insight into the cannabis marketplace – offering growers, processors and dispensaries a wealth of knowledge about available technology. Contact us today for a personalized demonstration of our cannabis software.

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