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Utilization Assessment: Wellness Check for your ERP


The ERP solution has been selected, implemented and now your company is live on the software. So now what? In order to ensure your company is getting the best ROI from your ERP investment, a true industry partner should provide an ERP wellness check. Since ProcessPro has been serving in the batch processing manufacturing industries for over 30 years, we have the answer for clients looking to ensure the best usage of their ERP solution. We offer this service through a Utilization Assessment. This consultative service determines if your software aligns with your most important business strategies.

What is a Utilization Assessment?

The purpose behind a Utilization Assessment is straightforward, it is an on-site evaluation of business practices and procedures related to your ERP system, conducted over a few days to identify opportunities and recommendations for organizational efficiencies, as well as process improvements. This service is performed by a knowledgeable Implementation Consultant on the ProcessPro team, familiar with your company, industry and ERP usage. ProcessPro helps to ensure your company is getting the most out of your ERP solution. If areas for improvement are identified, the Consultant documents suggestions for the future health of your business.  

What’s Included in a Utilization Assessment?

There are several key features of the assessment process that include:

  • Collaborative discussion making with stakeholders in the organization regarding key business initiatives, goals and challenges.
  • Review and analysis of current business processes to determine if efficiency improvements can be made in the areas of inventory control, Warehouse Management Solution, Quality Control, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Advanced Scheduler and other functions.
  • Observations and recommendations for further utilization of the ERP solution are identified and discussed with the organization’s key members.
  • Written documentation providing findings, analysis, recommendations and next steps.

What Can a Utilization Assessment Do for My Company?

A main focus of the Utilization Assessment is the opportunity to identify suggestions for improvements in business process, organizational efficiency, customer need fulfillment and staff collaboration. Further, the assessment challenges current software customizations, examining the benefits and pitfalls. Regulatory and legal requirements are also evaluated to ensure compliance. Lastly, the need for updated hardware/software, upgrades to the latest software version or integration with preferred partners is investigated to determine if new or improved functionality of the solution will more effectively meets your company’s needs.

At ProcessPro, we believe in utilizing ERP software to the fullest and want to assist you in reaching that goal. Contact Client Management today for a quote and to determine if a Utilization Assessment from the team at ProcessPro can help you get the most out of your software solution and provide you with a competitive advantage in your industry.

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