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What Can Mobile Reporting Do for You?


With the fast-paced and ever-changing world of manufacturing, the question is no longer “if” you are going to employ mobile solutions for your business, but “when.” The benefits of utilizing mobile functionality are countless, and if your company doesn’t have a current strategy in place, it’s time to start your search for an ERP software solution with mobile capabilities.

Why Go Mobile?

Today’s savvy employees are accustomed to using digital devices like smartphones and tablets on-the-go for their personal use. Why not transfer that same functionality, accessibility and productivity to the work environment? From any device, an ERP with mobility features enables employees to access real-time information quickly to perform job-related activities away from the home office and to execute job tasks on-site at multiple locations. Mobile access offers the flexibility to increase employee engagement for all company stakeholders.

Through analytics and reporting, sales tools and web portals, work processes benefit from the building of better business relationships, increased productivity, more accurate communication, accelerated sales and improved quality of service - all creating a competitive advantage.

Analytics and Reporting

From mobile devices, employees can access reporting and analytics software that utilizes their ERP data. Business analytics software enables interactive visualization, reporting and analysis of data to drill into critical key performance indicators (KPIs) and other metrics. Access to real-time and historical data provides the ability to spot trends or problems such as production performance, seasonality changes and vendor information to make decisions anytime, anywhere. Immediate access to information allows employees to make improved plans, increase response times and strengthen business relationships as well as improve forecasting, scheduling and management of multiple areas within the company.

Point of Sale (POS) and Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

POS is defined as the physical place where sales are made - utilizing a retail management system that takes advantage of touch-screen, scanning and barcoding technologies to facilitate rapid transaction processing. As an important tool to drive sales, DSD extends POS functionality to mobile route sales and delivery teams to create and edit orders, invoice and accept payment while “on the road.” Inventory management functionality provides access to the latest inventory availability information at your employee’s fingertips. Used together, both POS and DSD have the advantage of maximizing the shelf-life of finished goods and minimizing the number of days that products remain in the supply chain, thus increasing profits for your company.

Web Portals

Web-based customer portals improve overall client satisfaction because they provide the most updated and accurate information – including order history, account information, payment history and shipment information. As long as there is an internet connection, real-time information is available at the customer’s convenience. Similarly, portals can provide your sales team with accurate information when needed at any location. Vendor portals also allow your authorized suppliers to review order details from their mobile devices to make decisions regarding order fulfillment.

ProcessPro ERP provides these advantages of mobility in our ERP solution designed for batch process manufacturing industries including food, beverage, chemical, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care and cannabis. Contact us for a personalized demonstration of the mobile solutions that fit your company’s needs now and in the future.

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