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Why Mom was Right About ERP: Smart Recipe Management & Inventory Control is Imperative


When cooking at home, there’s nothing worse than losing a favorite recipe or to find you’re lacking key ingredients while preparing a meal. Growing up, you may have watched your Mom use recipes, create shopping lists and use what she had on hand to make the dishes your family loved. She likely developed a way to keep it all organized – whether using recipe cards, lists or a mobile app - to assist with planning, shopping and preparing. While the consequences of missing ingredients or losing recipes at home is inconvenient, the same scenario in your food process manufacturing business can be devastating, leading to disappointed customers and decreased profits. An ERP software system provides both recipe management and real-time inventory control to ensure that your company maintains accurate record keeping and monitors available inventory to keep the manufacturing process on track, efficient and profitable.

Recipe Management

Developing recipes and managing revisions is crucial for batch food processing companies, especially private-label manufacturers, as tried and true recipes give an organization its competitive advantage. ERP for food and beverage manufacturers provides real-time tracking of current recipes, as well as a historical record of formulation development and revisions

Specific features include:

  • Creation and management of recipes/formulations, storage of recipe development and manufacturing instructions notes, with easy to update records and recipe duplication.

  • Conversion of mixed units of measure throughout the entire process from purchasing ingredients, manufacturing the finished goods, maintaining inventory to managing orders and shipping.

  • Monitoring and tracking of quality control testing to meet regulatory standards.

  • Performance of complex calculations to ensure that proportions of ingredients are scaled to all sizes of finished good products.

  • Accurate accounting and costing of by-products and co-products, including on-hand quantities, location and warehousing documentation.

  • Creation of nutritional content, allergen and attribute packaging labels.

  • Available inventory substitutes are shown during the production process, to help control costs and handle unable inventory scenarios.

  • Security features, including user-management controls, to protect proprietary recipes/formulas.


Inventory Control

Accurate and real-time inventory tracking and reporting is readily available with a food and beverage ERP software solution that records every inventory unit and transaction throughout the entire manufacturing process. Monitoring and controlling inventory allows your company to keep track of current inventory needs and projected demands for the future.

Specific features include:

  • Real-time inventory data, including quantity and location(s), stored in one centralized database that is easily accessible by all company departments.

  • A Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) to automate inventory transactions to increase efficiency and improve data accuracy for receipts, issues, transfers and order shipments.

  • Monitoring and reporting of shelf-life and expiration dates to assist with following the “first in, first out” principle to eliminate waste and maintain a tighter control of inventory.

  • Ordering guidelines that include minimum order quantity requirements and safety stock levels to ensure no lags in production time based on low inventory levels.

  • Forecasting tools to help make accurate, cost-effective buying decisions.

  • Maintain and leverage a complete view of supplier information to protect low-profit margins.

Mom was right - you need to keep track of ingredients and store recipes with cooking notes to ensure a successful meal. Apply this logic as a batch food process manufacturer by choosing an industry-specific food ERP software capable of handling the complexity of your industry. Specifically focusing on recipe management and inventory control is one of the many features available in ProcessPro’s ERP solution which combines over 30 years of expertise in process manufacturing. Contact our knowledgeable staff today for a free, personalized demonstration of our ERP solution.

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