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Cannabis Accounting Software

The integrated financial application available in ProcessPro's Cannabis Accounting Software provides a robust, automated, and scalable solution that proactively manages the accounting and reporting complexities of your company’s operations. Whether you operate a greenhouse operation or manufacture tinctures, edibles, hemp, or a by-product, ensuring that you’re operating off of a sound bottom line is essential. With the complicated banking and credit card environments and ever-changing regulations and requirements, manual spreadsheets and entry-level accounting programs lack the depth and necessary functionality to remain profitable and provide visibility into your data.

General Ledger

Post to current, previous, and future periods and lock them from posting by utilizing advanced financial reporting capabilities designed to meet the needs of today’s businesses. Flexible reporting provides comprehensive financial, comparative, and audit trail options.

Accounts Payable

Manage business expenses effectively by tracking credits, discounts, payments, and recurring expenses. Create checks and generate user warnings to help prevent losses.

Accounts Receivable

Instantly display and print customer sales histories and graphs, and update customer and inventory records in real-time with a complete billing and accounts receivable system.

Project Costing

Project costing allows you to budget and track costs to a specific project or capital expenditure. Cost and revenue are captured from other software applications at a transaction level and project status and profitability reports can be automatically generated.

Fixed Assets

Gives you the power to analyze the tax and cash flow implications of assets and track their valuation and depreciation. Stay up-to-date using IRS-supplied depreciation tables, as well as MACRS, ACRS, straight line, and other recovery methods.


Allows transactions to be performed and maintained in multiple currencies with user-defined exchange rates.

Payroll and Human Resources

Track hourly and salaried employee wages, print checks, manage sick time and vacation accrual and produce timely W-2 reports. Maintain HR record keeping and government reporting. Options include Enhanced Payroll Tax Reporting with ACA.

Integrated Dashboard Reporting and Analytics

Gain enhanced visibility into your entire cannabis operation with ProcessPro’s integrated Advanced Analytics solution on any mobile or PC device. With interactive dashboards, customize the data that’s most important to you and drill into critical financial and operational data to analyze your business and grow your operation. 

ProcessPro’s cannabis software provides detailed financial insight into your company’s operations so that you can make informed business decisions.

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Advantages of Cannabis Accounting from ProcessPro:

  • Offers a complete picture of your company’s overall financial health
  • Helps navigate tax regulation implications of IRS section 280E
  • Handles single-state or multi-state operations
  • Provides audit readiness at any given moment with a secure and complete audit trail
  • Automates workflow
  • Tracks income, expenses, assets, liabilities, cash-flow, and profitability
  • Delivers reporting, dashboards, and analysis tools
  • Eliminates the need for dual-data entry with built-in accounting functions
  • Increases data integrity with user-based role permissions

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