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With a powerful seed to sale analytics and reporting platform from ProcessPro, you’ll be able to analyze, decide, and plan faster than ever. Make data-driven business decisions that enable your operation to be more profitable, handle all of your reporting needs, and keep your business one step ahead of the competition.

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Manage Compliance

  • Comprehensive reporting for audits and inspections
  • Account for waste, destruction, shrinkage and theft
  • Track and trace compliance throughout the supply chain
  • Integrated quality control results and reporting
  • Perform plant ID and batch reporting
Sales and Inventory Tracking

Track Sales and Inventory

  • Dashboard reporting with real-time business insight
  • Analyze plants, strains, products, customer and supplier performance
  • Review cost and margin analysis
  • Schedule and automate reports and alerts
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Scalable and built for Growth

  • Handle multi-jurisdiction operations.
  • Manage user rights and tasks for control and security
  • Monitor cultivation and operation activity costs
  • Capable of handling all of your data reporting needs

Compliance Monitoring

With an ever-changing legal landscape, cannabis and hemp operations need a reporting and analytics solution that manages track and trace compliance throughout the supply chain. ProcessPro’s Cannabis Compliance Software provides comprehensive and multi-jurisdictional reporting for adherence to rules, regulations, and statues. The software tracks, monitors, and records every plant and transaction from propagation to harvest, easily accessing information from accounting, greenhouse activities, manufacturing, inventory, and sales in one centralized database to enhance visibility and oversight. Real-time documentation of audit trails and inspections, quality control testing, inventory movements, plant IDs, batch reporting, and sales can be compiled for reporting - eliminating manual procedures, data gaps, and cumbersome spreadsheets. Manage controls and alerts to notify key stakeholders when deviations are out of the approved range.

Regulatory Tracking Integration

Maintaining licensing requirements and seed to sale traceability is just the beginning of regulatory compliance for cannabis and hemp manufacturers and distributors. ProcessPro’s Cannabis ERP Solution is integrated or has the ability to integrate into regulatory approved reporting bodies such as Metrc, BioTrack, and Leaf Data Systems to streamline compliance and ensure that your reporting is accurate, timely, and meets changing requirements.

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Customizable Reporting:

With 100+ its easy to tailor reports to meet your complex and changing needs, from inventory and sales analysis to grow conditions and strain performance.

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Easy Export Capability:

The integrated reporting solution supports exporting in a number of different formats including CSV, PDF, and HTML for ease of reading and sharing documents.

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Drag, Drop, and Drill Down Functionality:

With an intuitive user interface easily drag and drop data points to build custom dashboards. Drill down functionality provides enhanced visibility of performance and issues to make data-driven decisions.

Asset Protection and Security

In an industry where lack of accountability can lead to serious legal consequences, security is of utmost importance. Utilize ProcessPro ERP to aid in loss prevention efforts by identifying suspicious transaction data and theft with user-defined logins and role permissions. End-to-end traceability in documented processes accounts for waste, destruction, shrinkage, and theft ensuring that compliance requirements are met and checks and balances are enforced.

Sales and Inventory Tracking

Dashboard reporting provides real-time business insight with sales analytics to improve overall returns. Track your most profitable products including information regarding your best plants and strains and analyze customer and supplier performance to help increase growth – including cost review and margin and profit analysis to drive revenue. Schedule and automate reports and alerts to maintain appropriate inventory levels. Daily sales reports, receipts, and returns are easily accessible so that every transaction, plant, and product is accounted for and identified. Cannabis-specific tax requirements are monitored as well.

Operational Efficiencies Evaluation

Drill down into the comprehensive ERP data regarding cultivation, production, transportation, sales of cannabis, and employee performance to reduce operational bottlenecks, establish production benchmarks, and increase efficiency and output. Determine if areas of concern are process or staff related and make adjustments as needed. Identify optimal staffing levels, and employee strengths and weaknesses to determine if retraining or a shift in job duties is required.

“Implementing ProcessPro has allowed us to capture and analyze the data we need as we continue to scale our business. Through ProcessPro, we've identified cost efficiencies and created processes to further enhance the efforts of our team.”
Jason Neely, Founder and CEO of Stratos

Predictive Analytics and Big Data

Advanced Analytics Package

Featuring a robust data reporting warehouse, ProcessPro’s Advanced Analytics solution integrated with our Cannabis ERP Software enables interactive visualization, reporting, and analysis of your data from any mobile or PC device anywhere in your cannabis business. With one centralized data warehouse that compiles greenhouse, sales, and inventory data, easily monitor and analyze your past harvest data, yield forecasts, and grow conditions to optimize your operations. Graphing, sorting, and drilling of critical business information, combined with comprehensive, pre-built reports, metrics, and KPIs, provide the essential tools for analyzing your business and greenhouse.

Features Include:

  • Pre-built reports, metrics and KPI’s with multi-period and multi-year comparisons
  • Forecasting, predictive analytics, and big data capabilities
  • Power and simplicity with the touch of a button
  • Analytics are tailored and scalable
  • Mobile ready out-of-the-box
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Turning Data into Action

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