Cannabis Compliance and Security

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Cannabis Compliance Software

The multitude of regulatory requirements for cannabis and hemp businesses requires careful tracking, measurement, documentation, and reporting with a comprehensive system that automates compliance across the entire business. Failure to adequately address regulations can result in the loss of production and employee time, and regulatory penalties. Maintaining strict regulatory control in ProcessPro’s cannabis software mitigates the negative consequences of state regulators, auditors, and law enforcement – allowing for adherence to current requirements and the flexibility to adapt to future changes as well.

Multiple Compliance Demands

ProcessPro readily handles the collective complexities of managing licensing requirements, seed to sale traceability, testing procedures, waste disposal protocols, transportation requirements, product recall capability, and compliant packaging and labeling – effectively meeting the documentation needs for each. With the capability to handle multiple facilities, jurisdictions, and intra-industry verticals (growers, processors, and dispensaries), the solution provides one centralized database that maintains the necessary information for compliance initiatives.

Comprehensive reporting manages compliance for:

  • Audits and inspections
  • Documentation of waste, destruction, shrinkage, and theft
  • Tracking throughout the supply chain
  • Quality control test results
  • Plant ID and batch tracking

Regulatory Software Integration

ProcessPro provides real-time inventory control, with a documented chain of custody, demonstrating the lot and plant traceability necessary for local government reporting. Inventory audit and inspection details, complete with any discrepancies, are reported to the state’s tracking system to conform with legal requirements. For states with approved regulatory compliance systems, ProcessPro’s comprehensive ERP solution includes API’s to help manage data and integration to approved reporting systems - Metrc, BioTrack, and Leaf Data Systems to ensure seamless data synching for accurate and timely reporting.

Cannabis Security System

ProcessPro's Cannabis Security System ensures that data is safe from theft or corruption by utilizing a secure platform with automated backups and redundancies. User-based role permissions restrict software access to individuals who have proper authorization, allowing the monitoring of transactions throughout the growing, harvesting, production, and distribution stages – providing proper audit trails to meet regulatory requirements. Intellectual property and proprietary information are also maintained within the same system with easily configured security features to meet your company’s specific needs.

Mitigating Food Safety Hazards

Despite lack of current federal regulation, edible products made from cannabis or infused with cannabis extract have the same consumer expectations of safety, consistency, and quality as mainstream food and beverage products. Whether you’re manufacturing gummies, mints, teas, baked goods, chocolates, or other edibles, ProcessPro’s Cannabis ERP manages regulatory requirements and mitigates food safety concerns in anticipation of future federal mandates.

The following functionalities help support cannabis edibles manufacturers’ food safety initiatives:

  • Management and documentation of approved supplier relationships
  • Real-time inventory control
  • Recipe and formulation version and revision management
  • APIs with jurisdiction-approved traceability systems
  • Facilitation of mock recall procedures and product recall plans
  • Accurate product labeling and nutritional panels
  • Handling of food safety measures including Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP’s), along with other preventative controls

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