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During the extraction and infusion processes of your cannabis, hemp, or CBD manufacturing operation, production inefficiencies are directly tied to your bottom line, making it crucial to streamline and formalize your operations. ProcessPro’s Cannabis Manufacturing Software provides integrated functionality to manage your harvesting, drying, and production processes and automate data collection and reporting in one solution.

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Streamline Operations

  • Capture accurate data with automated processes
  • Role-based user permissions
  • Dynamic production scheduling
  • Integrated core business management functionality
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Recall Preparedness

  • Establish a recall preparedness plan 
  • Follow cGMP guidelines
  • Mock recall testing 
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Ensure Quality Control

  • Manage test specs, enter, and track quality results
  • Integrated quality and inventory ensure proper controls
  • Report on test history and audit trails
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Lot Traceability

  • Accountability across the entire supply chain
  • Capture electronic signatures and approvals for real-time audit trails
  • Maintain complete chain of custody
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New Product Development

  • Bring new products to the market faster
  • Conduct R&D  in a sandbox environment
  • Record and manage recipes for uniformity and consistency
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Real-time Cost Analysis

  • Accurately track overhead costs 
  • Account for waste and easily calculate loss 
  • Integrated accounting, inventory, and manufacturing

Quality Control

Ensure a quality culture in your operations with ProcessPro’s QC features that allow you to maintain in-process and third-party test results throughout your growing, harvesting, and manufacturing processes. The solution establishes routine production quality checkpoints to enable multi-point quality tests that can be incorporated throughout the production process to improve safety and reduce liability. Integrating a formal QC program allows you to easily track any defects, shelf-life, and expiration dates of raw materials and finished goods.

Production Operation Management

ProcessPro Cannabis ERP allows you to convert products into single or multiple by-products while maintaining a complete chain of custody with comprehensive lot tracking numbers in one centralized database. Standardize manufacturing processes, automate data entry and compliance reporting, and enhance visibility and workflow accountability across your organization with scalable software functionality.By taking control of your production processes, you’ll be able to consistently deliver the highest quality products your customers expect.

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Material Resource Planning (MRP)

The MRP application within ProcessPro’s cannabis software provides integrated functionality for the efficient and effective use of resources by ensuring there are sufficient raw materials and ingredients for production and finished goods on hand to meet customer demands.

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Production Planning and Scheduling

Production planning and scheduling functionality streamline the allocation of resources by taking into account production capacity and materials. The solution factors in material lead and lag time, machine and labor availability, the profitability of specific cannabis products, demand changes for strains and products, quantity changes, and variations in strains or types of cannabis edibles’ manufactured.

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Cannabis Inventory Management

The cannabis inventory control system within ProcessPro automatically tracks raw and finished goods inventory balances in real-time. Inventory data is maintained in a centralized database, including regulatory reporting serial numbers, lot and batch tracking data, location and movement details, and product measurements down to the milligram - for robust auditing capabilities. Growers benefit from direct integration to ProcessPro’s Cultivation Management Solution to take their inventory control further to include seed, plant, and harvest yield in multiple greenhouses and bin locations.

Integrated Reporting and Analytics

With ProcessPro’s dynamic reporting dashboards and analytics functionality gain insight into your cultivation, manufacturing, inventory, and sales in one integrated platform. Capturing data throughout your operation - from growing and harvesting to distribution and sales is critical to the success of your business. How you utilize the data, with integrated reporting, analytics, and forecasting of the KPIs that matter most to your cannabis operation controls your bottom line and profitability. ProcessPro’s cannabis ERP solution provides an integrated reporting and analytics solution to help you make data-driven business decisions.

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  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Pre-built and customizable views
  • Drill into data for actionable insight
  • Export via CSV, PDF, HTML

Custom Reports

  • Weekly financial reports that include geographical sales mapping and production analysis with cost breakdowns
  • Trigger reports for shipping backlogs
  • Weekly reports for planned production vs actual production
  • Automated alert reports for high deviations from vendor scorecard/supplier performance

Integrate your workflow from seed to sale:

Closely monitor each stage of the manufacturing process from cultivation to manufacturing to sale of the finished product in one comprehensive cannabis ERP solution, while managing a chain of custody to ensure regulatory compliance. You’ll maintain a holistic view of your entire manufacturing and processing operation from start to finish.

  • Streamline and standardize manufacturing processes
  • Accurately account for waste
  • Reduce cash flow, thus increasing profitability
  • Monitor inventory movements and stock levels
  • Track employee productivity
  • Automate regulatory reporting of variance tracking
  • Calculate production costs
  • Standardize quality control testing
  • Generate accurate labeling for product packaging

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