Cultivation Management

All-In-One Cultivation Management Solution (CMS)

CMS’s integration with ProcessPro’s comprehensive cannabis ERP solution provides growers and manufacturers with functionalities in formulation and recipe management, inventory control, manufacturing, accounting, sales, R&D, reporting and analytics and more – offering an all-in-one solution to seamlessly unite cannabis operations. This adaptable ERP platform provides flexibility, ease-of-use and scalability to meet your industry’s specific and changing requirements. By utilizing ProcessPro’s cannabis cultivation software, you’ll have complete control over your entire operation.

Plant Tracking

Our seed management software optimizes indoor, outdoor and greenhouse operations with track and trace capabilities at the individual plant level and throughout the growth stages. At the plant level, the solution allows companies to manage growing conditions for optimal yield output, facilitate quality control testing and adhere to compliance requirements throughout the marijuana plant cycle. From propagation to harvest, our holistic solution provides unique plant identifiers - automating the recording of activities, costs and test results in real-time for each plant to ensure traceability and regulatory compliance.

Optimization of Growing Conditions

With ProcessPro’s seed management software, you’ll gain a greater insight of your plants and greenhouse activities – streamlining the processes necessary to maintain an optimal cultivation environment, including climate, light, and water/nutrient cycles for each strain to achieve production goals. By documenting and analyzing accurate data, you’ll achieve cost-effective and efficient greenhouse conditions required for the maximization of plant growth – leading to higher yields, lower costs and increased profits.

Cost Management Reporting

Due to the extended growth period, the solution’s ability to automate cost control, budgeting and forecasting provides real-time information and a valuable financial reporting tool. By recording data and cost activities including labor, inventory, overhead and facility expenses, you’ll be able to track the true cost of production. The solution’s integrated analytics tools provide dashboard reporting to analyze plants, strains, products, customer and supplier performance, planned vs actual production and yield to optimize business profits.

Strain Tracking & Variance Recording

Tracking plant strains through extraction is an important component of cannabis growing and manufacturing. Detailed information regarding strain, terpene profiles and THC and CBD cannabinoid potency, is efficiently maintained within the Cultivation Management Solution; including lab testing, batch yields, growing conditions, propagation and harvesting techniques. Throughout its lifecycle, the grading and recording of the plant health during harvesting, drying and curing are automated to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Regulatory Software Integration

Integration to approved regulatory compliance systems is essential; our cannabis growing software includes an API to METRC, BIOTRACK THC and Leaf Data Systems to ensure you maintain compliance with accuracy in reporting. The system automates the transfer of required reporting data collected throughout the growing, manufacturing and production processes that are maintained in the solution’s centralized database.

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