Chemical Manufacturing

The core of the ProcessPro system is managing batch process manufacturing in regulated environments. Our fully integrated and comprehensive ERP eliminates costly errors, improves efficiency and provides accurate, real-time information. We understand that ensuring quality through testing, documenting and complying with ever-changing government regulation (including GHS Compliance, SDS authoring and similar regulations) is essential for chemical manufacturers to succeed in business.

ProcessPro’s Chemical ERP solution includes full manufacturing, inventory, quality, sales, financial and reporting integration, offering a complete system from order entry through production and billing. We have in-depth experience working with a wide variety of process manufacturers in the chemical industry including: specialty chemicals, polymers, plastics, resins, lubricants, adhesives, inks and paints. ProcessPro incorporates the critical needs of batch process manufacturers into the core capabilities of the ERP solution including lot control, management of complex formulas, quality and compliance, essential for chemical manufacturing.

ProcessPro’s Chemical Manufacturing Software provides specific functionality to meet chemical manufacturer’s unique requirements with:

  • Established formula management system
  • Reliable lot and tracking solution
  • Effective batch sizing and scaling
  • Intelligent Bill of Materials formula calculations
  • Trusted Globally Harmonized System (GHS) compliance capability

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