Inventory and Distribution Software

Incorporating distributors' unique needs, including order and purchasing management, accurate inventory management, warehouse management and changing regulations, ProcessPro distribution software allows for flexibility to scale and adjust to new challenges and business goals. Built on the proven strength of Microsoft Windows, SQL Server and .NET architecture, inventory and distribution software provides the additional advantage of Microsoft’s extensive research, development and testing. Tracking inventory accurately is key in the ability to manufacture using the right materials at the right time. ProcessPro provides you a complete suite of solutions to optimize inventory in your business and easily comply with traceability requirements.

Discover how ProcessPro’s Complete Suite of Solutions Optimizes your Inventory

Purchase Orders

Linked to DRP, purchase order software features real-time tracking, automatic updating of vendors and inventory account balances and extensive reporting capabilities, along with the use of preventative controls for managing purchases from approved suppliers.

Inventory Control

Inventory control software automatically tracks inventory balances, serial numbers, lots and product line information. All balances are updated in real-time for up-to-the-minute, on-screen access. Extensive reporting to analyze and control inventory is available.

Lot Traceability

Instantly see lot number genealogy of all raw materials, intermediates and finished goods from receipt through final shipped sales orders and back again. Generate mock and actual recall information on demand. Meet all your audit and recall needs.

Shipping Integration

Easily integrate shipping information between UPS and FedEx shipping system and ProcessPro.


The kitting solution allows the ordering, selling and shipping of pre-defined groups of products, and streamlines your business as it relates to commonly bundled products.

Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)

For distributors, DRP Software allows for more efficient and effective ordering and stocking by factoring in all supply, demand and forecasted requirements for your business.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Increase efficiency and improve data accuracy for receipts, movements, transfers, issues and returns, pallet tracking and sales order shipments. WMS provides real-time inventory transactions through bar code scanning on a WiFi network.

“ProcessPro has allowed us to maintain better control of our inventory, allowing for just-in-time purchases, and helped Parker Products reach inventory accuracy of 99.6%.”
Ann Winikka, Purchasing Director, Parker Products, Inc.

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