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What is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Software?

EDI is the automated process of exchanging electronic business documents and data securely between companies or trading partners (customers, vendors) by sending and receiving data in a standardized format and specific structure quickly, accurately, and reliably. With EDI functionality, organizations with different business systems, platforms, programs, and processes are able to communicate with each other using a “common language.”

Why should my company consider EDI?

To stay abreast of today’s dynamic global market, thousands of companies already utilize EDI integration as a means of improving the efficiency of business transactions with their trading partners. EDI not only saves organizations time and money, but also makes interactions easier and more reliable. Many business partners today require EDI capability and compliance with EDI standards as a qualification for doing business – providing a strategic and competitive advantage for companies who choose to implement it. If your organization is not currently using EDI, there are many benefits for manufacturers to consider.

Common uses for EDI include automating:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Goods Receipts
  • Invoices
  • Advance shipment notifications
  • Inventory reporting
  • Bills of Lading
  • Status reports
  • Quotes
  • Integrations with online storefronts and marketplace
EDI Connector

Benefits of EDI | Improve Productivity and Order Processing Efficiency

Quicker transactions

Eliminates time-consuming paper documentation with automation allowing faster turnaround times when sending and receiving critical business documents.

Error reduction

Removes manual data entry with automated entry and data processing, therefore reducing or removing error-prone processes like rekeying POs.

Enhanced accessibility

EDI’s immediacy and automation enables businesses to manage accounts and inventory more accurately, eliminating manual processes and time delays.

Efficiency maximization

Reducing the dependence on manual tasks and data processing tasks allocates employees and resources to more value-added company tasks.

Cost savings

Businesses save money with electronic-only documentation that reduces material and labor costs, as well as expensive errors.

Improved customer service

Allows the handling of real-time complaints, concerns, and requests without needing to wait for important information.

Strengthened supplier relationships and transactions

Improves cash flow and reduces order-to-cash cycles, while reducing errors and the frustration of handling data disputes.

Better visibility

Provides real-time insight into transactions that offer a number of strategic benefits including the ability to make faster and easier data-driven decisions.

Increased security

Tracking and storing data is easier for auditing purposes, ensuring that your company meets industry compliance standards – decreasing costly human errors due to inaccuracies and loss of data.

Order accuracy

Direct connections to in-house business systems ensures rapid, accurate order processing from online stores and marketplaces.

ProcessPro EDI Connector and Trusted EDI Integration Partner

The ProcessPro EDI Connector allows you to share data electronically between ProcessPro and your trading partners - simplifying processes and improving responsiveness. The Connector can be configured to work in a variety of scenarios including processing orders, invoicing and receiving payments, processing cash received, applying AR invoices electronically, and a variety of other functions to save your company time and money.

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As a globally recognized industry leader, our preferred vendor partnership with TrueCommerce demonstrates our belief in an integrated EDI solution’s benefits to your business - growing your operation and increasing efficiencies. The TrueCommerce global trading network includes over 92,000 pre-configured trading partner maps, including retailers, distributors, and shipping and logistics providers. With established maps for global brands such as, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Costco, easily integrate your ProcessPro solution with your entire supply chain - including inventory management, fulfillment, digital storefronts and marketplaces, and more. Learn more about the advantages of utilizing a single trusted source to do business with your trading partners of today and tomorrow.

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