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ProcessPro’s Brewery Software for beer, craft breweries and beverage distillers is designed to meet the ever-changing demands of ale, spirits, energy drink and malt beverage manufacturers. Our Brewery Management Software allows you to spend more time perfecting and selling your products, and less time on the administrative side of your business – offering a user-friendly and fully integrated process manufacturing ERP solution. Whether you produce, package, distribute or co-pack beverages, our solution helps brewers and distillers plan and manage production processes. With your needs in mind, ProcessPro offers specific features unique to the beverage industry: quality control, recipe and inventory management, regulatory compliance and distribution, to provide your company with opportunities to raise the bar.

At ProcessPro, we understand the craft beer and distillery market and the demands your company faces to consistently provide high quality products, while staying current with industry trends, compliance and changes in consumer tastes. With one complete system, ProcessPro’s beverage ERP solution manages all of your critical business functions: accounting, manufacturing, quality, inventory, financials, sales and reporting. Streamline production processes across your organization, from accounting to distribution with Brewery Automation Software that provides reliable supply chain and lot traceability, reporting and R&D functionality to deliver premium products. It starts here - no matter the size of your brewery or distillery, we provide the technology and support to automate your batch process manufacturing operation – allowing you to grow more efficient and profitable.

Benefits of ERP Software Designed Specifically for the Brewery and Distillery Industry:

Inventory Management & TTB Reporting

Track inventory from incoming raw materials to packaging for distribution and throughout the entire production process in real-time – providing an audit trail and instant insight from malting, brewing, fermentation, distillation, maturation, bottling to shipping. ProcessPro’s Material Requirements Planning (MRP) application assists with production planning, scheduling, purchasing and available-to-promise inventory by utilizing anticipated future demand based on sales orders and forecasts - allowing brewers to minimize inventory costs and waste by maintaining appropriate inventory levels of raw materials and finished goods in their warehouses. The Brewery Inventory Software also provides accurate daily, monthly and yearly records for Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) reporting and retention policies in regards to operations, transactions and physical inventory, reducing time spent on record keeping, general errors and oversights.

Point of Sale (POS)

Brewery and distillery POS Software uses the latest touch-screen, scanning and barcoding technologies to facilitate rapid transactions from the taproom at your brewery to retail sales at multiple locations. With instant inventory updates and automatic accounting processes, your sales team is always equipped with the most up-to-date information.

Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

DSD extends POS functionality of the ERP software by mobilizing route sales and delivery teams for order entry, invoicing and payment transactions on the road. Providing the ability to create and edit orders, track inventory, as well as invoice and accept payment offsite. DSD allows your sales team to focus on prompt customer service and distributing your goods as efficiently as possible.

Research and Development (R&D)

Allow your Brewmaster or Head Distiller creative freedom to easily develop and experiment with new products without affecting current production in the ERP software R&D sandbox environment. Streamline new product and recipe development with access to cost history, revisions and production notes - smoothly converting R&D items into live production when ready. ProcessPro’s Brewery Management Software allows you to introduce new products into the marketplace and adjust to changing industry trends and consumer tastes.

Integrated Accounting

ProcessPro’s Automated Accounting Software seamlessly executes your day-to-day accounting activities while journal entries are automatically created during the production process taking your accounting procedures to the next level. Capturing the real-time costs of raw ingredients and finished goods as prices fluctuate and manufacturing variances occur allows you to easily calculate the true cost of goods sold. Integrated analytics and reporting tools transform this data into interactive visualizations through graphing, sorting and drill down capabilities to help you forecast and control cost.

Quality Control & Testing

Monitoring and testing of gravity, pH levels, fermentation levels, yeast genealogy and raw material attributes ensure quality and consistency in taste, color, aroma and bite - characteristics your beer and liquor connoisseurs have come to expect. ProcessPro’s ERP solution assists Brewmasters and Lead Distillers with securely storing in-process and customer-specific test results, management and testing of quarantined ingredients from suppliers and metrics reporting from fermentation to packaging to ensure consistent quality.

Regulations & Compliance

Brewery and distillery supply-chain management software efficiently handles the stringent rules and regulations from grain to glass that govern the industry, providing recordkeeping, compliance and reporting functionality from raw materials to the transportation and distribution of finished goods. Audit trails generated throughout the manufacturing process, along with forward and backward lot traceability from raw ingredients to finished goods, provides beverage manufacturers control and preparedness should a product recall occur. The ERP solution also enables efficient handling of taxes, labels, permits/licenses and other state laws and regulations to keep you abiding with complex regulatory requirements.

Recipe Management

Maintain real-time and historical recipe data including versions, revisions and batch production notes in one centralized database to ensure recipe integrity and consistency during the batch manufacturing process. Our Brewery Control Software provides direct access to the calculation of nutritional, allergen and ingredient attributes to provide accurate labeling, reporting and consumer information for product packaging, integral in an industry that prides itself on quality and consistency.

For more than 30 years, the brewery and distillery industries have taken advantage of ProcessPro’s ERP solution to craft premium products:

  • Craft beer
  • Beer
  • Spirits
  • Liquor
  • Gin – Whiskey – Vodka – Rum
  • Energy Drinks
  • Malt Beverages


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