Dairy ERP

ProcessPro’s Dairy Software provides a comprehensive solution to assist with the manufacturing of perishable products such as ice cream, salads, spreads, desserts and other dairy and deli items to streamline production and deliver products to consumers more quickly while staying compliant with regulations. No matter the size or scope of your organization, we offer an ERP solution specific to the dairy and deli industry, offering quality control, pricing/margin analysis, sales reporting, regulatory compliance and inventory management, so your business can relish in the profits.

We know that the competition and regulations your company faces requires keeping up with evolving trends and technologies, and ProcessPro’s ERP assists with maintaining the great taste, freshness and consistency customers expect from your products. Whether your goods are ready-made for consumption or are ingredients for use in other products, ProcessPro’s ERP supports your dairy and deli operation. With one complete system, ProcessPro’s Dairy Management Software handles all critical business functions: accounting, manufacturing, quality, inventory, financial, sales and reporting. Take advantage of implementing a scalable ERP solution to streamline your business processes with a provider that offers over 30 years of experience working with companies just like yours.

Benefits of ERP Software Designed Specifically for the Dairy and Deli Industries:

Compliance & Regulations

Ensure quality products through testing, documentation and compliance with regulatory and governing bodies - making sure that your company meets essential requirements to stay in business. ProcessPro’s quality control ERP enables consistently produced, high quality, fresh products that comply with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, daily USDA inspections, HACCP compliance and customer-specific standards. From generating CofA’s, to the nutritional analysis of ingredients, ProcessPro supports all your compliance initiatives.

Inventory Management

Inventory tracking from incoming raw ingredients to shipment, and during the entire manufacturing process in real-time, provides an audit trail and recording of temperature sensitive ingredients throughout storage, production, packaging and shipping. ProcessPro’s Material Requirements Planning (MRP) application assists with production planning, scheduling, purchasing and available-to-promise inventory by utilizing anticipated future demand based on sales orders and forecasts - allowing minimization of inventory costs and waste by maintaining appropriate inventory levels of raw materials and finished goods in the warehouse. With the Warehouse Management System (WMS), increase efficiency and accuracy for inventory receipts, movements, issues and shipments through the use of real-time transactions on hand-held scanners.

Quality Control

Utilization of ProcessPro’s quality control functionality monitors products with full forward and backward lot tracking in its food traceability software. Flexible functionality allows placement of raw materials in a quarantine hold status if they do not pass quality control standards and ensure they are not released for production until levels are corrected. Reliably track and label any allergens to easily identify and locate any products in case of a product recall, if a contamination should occur.

Accounting with Product Costing/Margin Analysis

Comprehensive accounting and financial tools are completely integrated with manufacturing, inventory and sales. Easily analyze and compute profit margins on each individual recipe and product line by accounting for varying costs of raw ingredients, packaging and shipping. This real-time information allows for the establishment of growth strategies within product lines and expansion into new markets to maximize profit margins.

Recipe Management

Maintain current and historical recipe data including versions, revisions and batch production notes in one centralized database to ensure recipe integrity and consistency during the manufacturing process. Keep track of information regarding inclusions, flavor bases, coatings, swirls, ribbons, variegates, grinds and fruit preps to stay abreast of customer demands and industry trends. Dairy ERP Software provides direct access to calculation of nutritional, allergen and ingredient attributes to provide accurate labeling, reporting and consumer information for product packaging, integral to your industry that prides itself on quality and consistency.

Business Reporting Software

ProcessPro’s interactive reporting and analytics software analyzes and shares critical manufacturing and sales information across the organization using data maintained in the ERP solution and other sources. Easy-to-use business intelligence reporting tools provide the executive teams the needed visibility and insight into sales and customer data, empowering you to make smarter business decisions.

For more than 30 years the dairy and deli industries have utilized ProcessPro’s ERP solution to craft premium products:

  • Ice Cream
  • Drumsticks
  • Novelty Treats
  • Deli Products
  • Salads
  • Spreads
  • Cream Cheese
  • Desserts
  • Appetizers


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