Spices & Seasoning ERP Software

In the spirit of placing flavorful, quality meals on the tables of consumers, ProcessPro’s ERP for the spices and seasonings industries works with companies manufacturing herbs, spices, seasoning blends and other flavorings. As your partner in the industry, we help bring your products from farm to shelf whether you make your own recipes or develop customized private label seasoning blends. With your industry in mind, our batch process ERP provides specific features to meet the needs of your company: recipe and inventory management, quality control, production scheduling, product development and costing, to spice up your process manufacturing operation.

At ProcessPro, we understand your company’s drive to create continuously innovative flavors as well as quickly introduce new products to maintain competitiveness in the marketplace. Whether you produce bulk spices or portion-pack seasonings, we manage all of your critical business functions: accounting, manufacturing, quality, inventory, financial, sales and reporting. Utilizing a scalable ERP solution can streamline your business processes when you select a provider that offers over 30 years of experience working with companies just like yours.

Benefits of ERP Software Designed Specifically for the Spices & Seasonings Industries:

Recipe Management

Ensure recipe integrity and consistency through automated batch management in the ERP solution. Never lose historical data by recording versions, revisions and batch production notes in one centralized database of our ERP for formula management. ProcessPro provides functionality for the calculation and tracking of nutritional, allergen and ingredient attributes, such as organic, kosher certified and non-GMO, to provide accurate labeling, reporting and consumer information for product packaging.

Production Scheduling

Simplify changes of manufacturing plans quickly and easily through the production scheduling module. Material Requirements Planning (MRP) assists with production planning, scheduling, purchasing and available-to-promise inventory by utilizing anticipated future demand based on sales orders and forecasts - allowing minimization of inventory costs and waste by maintaining appropriate inventory levels of raw materials, finished goods and packaging in the warehouse.

Quality Control

ProcessPro’s ERP solution ensures that your spices and blends are mixed properly by monitoring for consistency in flavor, color, texture, aroma and other critical properties - characteristics necessary to meet your company’s standards and consumer preferences and expectations. Our flexible and scalable quality control ERP provides the ability for in-process and customer-specific testing, easy generation of CofAs and tracks shelf-life and expiration dates to control freshness. Reliably track and label any allergens to easily identify and locate any products in case of a product recall, if a contamination should occur.

Accounting with Product Costing/Margin Analysis

Comprehensive accounting and financial tools are completely integrated with manufacturing, inventory and sales. Easily analyze and compute profit margins on individual spice blends by accounting for varying costs of raw ingredients, packaging and shipping. This real-time information allows for the establishment of growth strategies and expansion into emerging flavor trends to maximize profit margins.

Compliance & Regulations

Ensure quality products through testing, documentation and compliance with strict standards initiated by food safety organizations - making sure that your company meets regulatory requirements. ProcessPro’s food safety ERP adheres to food safety initiatives to help your spices and seasonings company consistently produce high quality products that comply with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, USDA inspections, HACCP compliance, Global Food Safety Initiatives (GSFI) and customer-specific standards.

Research and Development (R&D)

Easily develop and experiment with new recipes without affecting current processes, with the capability to easily convert R&D items into live production. Streamline new product and recipe development and innovative product packaging through access to cost history and revisions. Allows introduction of new products into the marketplace to adjust to changing consumer tastes and trends.

For more than 30 years, the spices and seasonings industries have utilized ProcessPro’s ERP system software to craft premium products:

  • Herbs
  • Spices
  • Dip Mixes
  • Seasoning Blends
  • Soup Mixes
  • Gourmet Salts
  • Grinders
  • Flavorings


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