ERP for Process Manufacturing

The heart of your ProcessPro ERP system is the market-leading solution for managing batch process manufacturing in regulated environments, with a fully integrated and comprehensive solution that eliminates errors, improves efficiency and provides real-time and accurate information. Completely manage your manufacturing processes including formulas and recipes, intermediate products, packaging, BOMs, batch sheet and batch ticket processing, private label orders, custom orders, bills of lading and more!

Regardless of the size of the operation or the number of locations served, ProcessPro’s ERP manages critical business functions (manufacturing, quality, inventory, financials, sales and reporting) in one integrated system. The specific needs of process manufacturers, including private-label and co-packers, are met with ProcessPro’s comprehensive, business management software.

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Discover How Process Manufacturing ERP Software Simplifies Your Business

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Integrated MRP functionality allows for more efficient and effective use of resources by factoring in all supply, demand and forecasted requirements of your business to help you plan production, purchasing and available-to-promise.

Formula and Recipe Management

Maintain and develop formulas and recipes, including physical property, versions and revisions, production notes, set up instructions and QC tests. View costs for labor, material and overhead and generate Certificates of Analysis (CofA) from one software solution.

Manufacturing Execution

Manage and prioritize the manufacturing floor at the batch and work order level, accounting for organics, allergens and other attributes, line loss and efficiency, by-products and co-products and all aspects of an efficiently run operation.

Production Scheduling

Simplify production scheduling with automated schedule generation, color coding for work order status, and drag and drop rescheduling. Multiple batches can be selected and rescheduled simultaneously and all route steps can be seen within the schedule.

Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)

Manage the performance of both emergency and scheduled/preventative machine maintenance. Includes MRO inventory, work order generations, scheduling and historical tracking of work performed.

Field Service

If your business provides customers with on-site services in conjunction with your products, Field Service Software can automate scheduling, invoicing and reporting for those tasks that take place in the field.

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