Nutraceutical Software

In the health and wellness industry, the use of nutritional and dietary supplements is at an all-time high. Nutraceutical manufacturers are required to consistently produce quality products at competitive prices, meet the demand of their consumers and regulatory bodies, all while managing a healthy bottom line. At ProcessPro, we have in-depth experience working with batch process manufacturers in the nutraceutical industry, including private-label operations, co-packers or producers of vitamin and mineral blends, herbal and dietary supplements and other botanicals.

Streamline operations and run more efficiently with Nutraceutical Manufacturing Software uniquely developed for the nutraceutical industry. Real-time integration of your critical needs, including manufacturing, inventory, quality, sales, financials and reporting enable your business to grow and succeed. You gain security, stability and total visibility into all your information to outgrow your competition!

Our industry-specific ERP solution goes beyond ensuring compliance with long-standing rules by also keeping you aligned with the latest regulations. Nutraceutical Software provides flexible tools for processes and reporting including: 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signatures final rule, FDA audits and validation and cGMP requirements. Exceptional controls over complex formulas, accurate labeling practices and exact auditing tools provide you with the functionality you need to rapidly and profitability grow your business.

ProcessPro’s Nutraceutical Software provides the following functionalities for the nutraceutical industry:

  • Established recipe formula management system
  • Reliable lot tracking and tracing
  • Effective batch sizing and scaling
  • Robust R&D functionality
  • Comprehensive multi-phase project costing
  • Flexible quality control and management
  • Ability to meet all compliance requirements: FDA, cGMP, Bioterrorism Act
  • Access to supplement nutritional analysis and labeling
  • Key dietary supplement reporting and analytics

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