ProcessPro’s On-Premises ERP Solution

Connect your people, processes and systems with an on-premises solution that meets your company’s needs

When company-owned on-site servers and software are important to your organization, the ProcessPro’s on-premises ERP deployment options serves your employees and provides networked opportunities both on-site and off-site. Our team of consultants work directly with your IT staff to install, implement and maintain the ERP software with on-going maintenance support. Our dedicated Network IT Team Members are available to review your technical details and process. If your needs are unique or more advanced, then we can also provide custom configuration quotes designed specifically for you. You gain the control and security you are looking for.

There are benefits to using a traditional on-site ERP software solution, installed on your company’s hardware and servers, managed by your own technical staff and owned by the your company. Control of processes, access to data and customization of software are all at your fingertips. You know your company and customers best, so you need a solution that lets you focus on what’s important. Meeting your company’s unique business needs is a top priority and an on-premises solution gives you the ultimate control over your company’s success.

Advantages of traditional on-site deployment include:

  • Robust customization capability – tweak or improve software for your company’s use
  • Efficient integration with existing software and other applications
  • Full control over data, functionalities and security
  • Convenience of physical availability of on-site servers
  • Expandable and adaptable software as needs change
  • Lower total cost of ownership over long term

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