Aptean Extends Position as Leading Food and Beverage ERP Solutions Provider with New Customer Wins


Today, Aptean, a global provider of mission-critical enterprise software solutions, announced three new customer wins in the food and beverage industry, with Krier Foods, Prime Ingredients and Glenwood Snacks all selecting Aptean Food & Beverage ERP as their solution of choice.

Designed as a comprehensive software solution for process manufacturers, Aptean Food & Beverage ERP provides manufacturing, inventory, quality assurance, sales, financial and reporting capabilities all integrated within one platform. Aptean’s robust software is uniquely tailored for customers in the food and beverage industry, offering complete visibility, traceability and security across their operations both in the cloud and on-premise.

“The complex challenges of the food and beverage industry require a comprehensive ERP solution designed to meet the unique needs of manufacturers, packagers and distributors. Aptean’s expertise enables our customers to become more competitive and more profitable at scale,” said Bob Kocis, Chief Revenue Officer, Aptean. “Our recent customer wins reflect the powerful value proposition of working with Aptean as we help customers across the industry unlock automation, increase efficiency, enhance visibility and maximize performance, all in one integrated platform. We look forward to partnering with Krier Foods, Prime Ingredients and Glenwood Snacks to optimize their operations and manufacturing processes, while providing real-time data analysis, sales forecasting, costing reports and accurate supply-chain visibility to make data-driven business decisions.”

Supporting Krier Foods with Streamlined Manufacturing Operations
Krier is a fifth-generation family-owned company operating in the beverage industry for over 100 years, which needed an ERP solution that would reduce the number of manual processes and disparate systems. With a wide variety of order quantities and final package sizes, Krier’s production lines were bottlenecked by manual and unrelated software systems, impacting efficiency and limiting production. Aptean Food & Beverage ERP will support and streamline the company’s manufacturing process, addressing potential holdups through comprehensive warehouse management, production planning, QA testing and inventory management to help ensure Krier’s profitability and growth.

“We are thrilled to benefit from Aptean’s strong warehousing, inventory and production management systems,” said John Rassel, President, Krier Foods. “The immediate access to customized data and reporting provides us a new level of understanding about our manufacturing processes and overall business.”

Driving Prime Ingredients’ Digital Transformation with an Integrated Business Environment
Prime Ingredients is a unique supplier of the finest color, flavor, botanical and essential oil ingredients. In order to support its operations and streamline manufacturing processes, Prime Ingredients sought an enterprise business management solution that could integrate its accounting, production, inventory and sales operations within one system. Offering a warehouse management solution with robust inventory control, enhanced visibility into operational data and the ability to manage formulas and production, Aptean’s ERP solution will accelerate Prime Ingredients’ business to the next level.

“Aptean offers a food and beverage ERP solution that is tailored to meet our quality control, documentation and automation needs,” said Christopher Walsh, President, Prime Ingredients. “We look forward to optimizing our business processes to match the competitive and regulated nature of the marketplace.”

Offering Glenwood Snacks a Comprehensive Solution Tailored for the Meat Industry
As a third-generation family-run company in the meat snack industry, Glenwood Snacks sought an integrated industry-specific solution designed to help the company continue its growth, address the limited efficiency of manual and disparate software systems and enable them to make business decisions based on data. Seeking out improved processes necessary to bring innovative and high-quality products to market, Glenwood Snacks needed an adaptable and scalable ERP solution designed to meet its unique needs as a producer of meat sticks and jerky. Aptean will support Glenwood Snacks’ desire to track all business processes, while providing a sound tracking solution with forward and backward lot traceability to help the company meet compliance requirements and manage quality control for both USDA and SQF-2 certifications.

“Aptean’s extensive experience in the meat snack sector made them an easy choice as an ERP provider,” said Bryce Smith, CEO, Glenwood Snacks. “With strong lot traceability, inventory control capabilities, formulation management and SQF certification, we are well on our way to improving every corner of our business and are eager to see where this growth will lead.”

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