Craft Juice Manufacturer Implements ProcessPro ERP Software


ProcessPro, leading mid-market ERP software solution company, announces that Freshbev, LLC has successfully implemented ERP software solution, ProcessPro On-Demand, to support its premier cold-pressed, high pressure processed, fresh juice manufacturing operation.

“I am extremely excited to partner with ProcessPro; I always knew the demand for an ERP software was on our horizon. ProcessPro On-Demand is allowing us to streamline our processes in an easy and affordable way,” stated Michel Boissy, Freshbev CEO/Founder.

Freshbev’s need to replace manual spreadsheets and disparate accounting software, with limited IT resources, led them to select ProcessPro On-Demand. They are benefiting from the ERP software’s Material Requirements Planning (MRP) functionality to efficiently plan production and purchasing by factoring supply, demand and forecasts. Real-time data and reporting is available to their company through the use of ProcessPro’s integrated business intelligence (BI) suite.

“Freshbev is already experiencing the benefits of an industry-specific ERP, through their implementation led by our experienced staff with process manufacturing knowledge,” stated Molly Caron, ProcessPro Operations Director. “We are excited for Freshbev’s expansion, and pleased to be partnering with them to support this growth.”

Freshbev Craft Juicery is nation’s first vertically integrated Craft Juicery™ located in New Haven, CT. Freshbev’s mission is to re-define fresh juice in this country and simply craft the best tasting juice in a bottle by selecting the highest quality ingredients, utilizing their proprietary juicing process and delivering direct to shelf or consumer within a day after production. Their team of master juice crafters creates fresh daily two brands: RIPE Craft Bar Juice® and Project Fresh™. The team developed a proprietary juicing process to take the cold-pressed process to the next level. For more information about Freshbev, please visit

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